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Court members are selected based on their leadership qualities, spirit, integrity, and achievement through their contributions and involvement at Ohio State. The Court selection process begins with a paper application. Based on application scores and GPA, individual interviews are offered and conducted by OSU faculty, staff, and alumni. The scores from the paper application and interview are combined with the student body vote, and the court is announced.

Court members then volunteer and serve as ambassadors during Welcome Week and Homecoming Week, prior to a student body vote and announcement of the Homecoming Queen and King.

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Samantha Johnson

Hometown: Mt. Gilead, Ohio
Major: Early Childhood Education
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: I am involved as a Buckeye Ambassador and am Club Ed secretary. When you become a buckeye you instantly become part of a life long family. This family will allow you to explore amazing opportunities in your education, will allow you to volunteer in the community, and even will allow you to cheer for an amazing football team. Becoming part of such a large network of individuals who believe that you can do anything you put your mind too, really allows you to not only believe in yourself, but to also push yourself to try something new.

Kaitlyn Miller

Hometown: Butler, Ohio
Major: Middle Childhood Education
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: I am a Buckeye Ambassador; I have been active in it for two years now. Through the program, I am heavily involved in a leadership program called Bitty Buckeyes which is a pen pal outreach to local schools in the area. Being a Buckeye has so many meanings to me besides being a student at OSU-Mansfield. I am a Buckeye because I love the sense of community here on campus, I am a Buckeye because I choose to further my education and get involved in events around campus. I love our football team and most of all; I would not go anywhere else. OSU-Mansfield is my campus and my home.

Tiffany Tilley

Hometown: Galion, Ohio
Major: Early Childhood Education
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: I am involved with the Haiti Empowerment Project and STEMpowerment as well as a member of the Buckeye Ambassador program. Pride, excellence and tradition are what you will find here at The Ohio State University. Being a Buckeye is truly an honor, it is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. The Ohio State University has given me once in a lifetime experiences that have helped me grow into a successful student who will be ready for the future. I know I will be forever changed by all that I am gaining during my time here. I’m proud to be a Buckeye!

Joshua Hurrell

Hometown: Shelby, Ohio
Major: Social Work
Rank: Sophomore
Student Bio: I am co-president of the Multicultural Student Association, vice president of Student Veterans of America, and president of Friends for Success as well as a Buckeye Ambassador and member of the Campus Activities Board. Being a Buckeye means being a part of a great family and tradition. It shows the world that you are geared for a great future through a great education. Being a part of Buckeye Nation is not just about the fun and friends, but a chance to be seen by others a role model with great pride and tradition.

Keith Karchella

Hometown: Ontario, Ohio
Major: Psychology with Art Studio minor
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: I am in Psychology Club and am also a art studio assistant and a research assistant. I am also on various campus committees. For me, being a Buckeye has meant being a part of one of the most recognized academic institutes in the country. We have an intensely burning passion of school spirit and a solid foundation for any of our academic endeavors. Being a Buckeye means ALWAYS having a source of pride from a fellowship that will have transformed each of us into better people for having been a part of it. Being a Buckeye to me means being proud, confident, virtuous and exceptional!

Mark Matthews

Hometown: Savannah, Ohio
Major: Psychology with Professional Writing minor
Rank: Sophomore
Student Bio: I am a Psychology Program Assistant, Writing Center Consultant, Research Assistant, Campus Activities Board member, Welcome Leader/Orientation leader, Intramural sports participant, Camp Hetuck Leadership Camp facilitator. Being a Buckeye means never stands alone. He or she is always surrounded by an army of others who strive together to achieve goals beyond measure. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to grow, buckeyes strive for excellence in whatever we do. Not only do we do so within the university, but we also extend these ethics to the surrounding communities through service projects and high quality work in our job fields. Buckeyes have a "grow and help grow" mentality in the sense that we will do whatever it takes to become the best we can be, and work just as hard to help our fellow peers do the same. We are a family, and together we shatter our goals and set the bar for a collegiate experience as one of the most elite universities.

Please contact Elise Riggle with questions or for more information about Homecoming Court.