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Court Member Detail

Ellen Perry

Hometown: Cardington, Ohio
Major: Psychology
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: Hello my name is Ellie Perry. I am a junior at The Ohio State University at Marion. I am majoring in Psychology. While attending OSUM, I also work as a research assistant for the Psychology department and I am a student worker for the Faculty Services Office. I love getting involved on campus. I have found that getting involved leads you to meeting people who can help point you in the right direction. I am also a member of the Senate in Undergraduate Student Government. I chose to attend OSUM because it is close to home, and I love the small campus experience. It gives you a chance to know your professors on a one on one basis. I am planning to do an internship in the spring with a school psychologist, and I hope to attend graduate school to study school psychology. I graduated from Cardington- Lincoln High School, which is not too far from Marion. Of course the number one reason I wanted to attend Ohio State was to be a Buckeye! I think that I would make a great homecoming queen, as I am a leader in many ways. You may have seen me on the billboards. I already represent the university by my picture, and I would be honored to represent The Ohio State University at Marion as the Homecoming Queen! Thank you for your time and please vote! Go Bucks!

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