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Court Member Detail

Tayler Willey

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Major: Middle Childhood Education
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: I am the second oldest in a family of eight children. I graduated from Harding High School in 2010. My girlfriend Leanna and I have a puppy named Milo, and live in Delaware, Ohio. My parents and youngest brother live in Marion where he attends Grant Middle School. I found my calling as an educator while I was a youth leader in my church where and devoted myself to the education program here at OSUM. I enjoy working with kids and am currently doing a placement at Pleasant Middle School where I get to teach 6th graders. My life has always been a struggle: from being deaf until I was 7 to living below the poverty line most my life, to working 2 jobs while attending school full-time; but The Ohio State University at Marion has contributed to me being in the promising position I am today.

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