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Court Member Detail

Mark Matthews

Hometown: Savannah, Ohio
Major: Psychology with Professional Writing minor
Rank: Sophomore
Student Bio: I am a Psychology Program Assistant, Writing Center Consultant, Research Assistant, Campus Activities Board member, Welcome Leader/Orientation leader, Intramural sports participant, Camp Hetuck Leadership Camp facilitator. Being a Buckeye means never stands alone. He or she is always surrounded by an army of others who strive together to achieve goals beyond measure. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to grow, buckeyes strive for excellence in whatever we do. Not only do we do so within the university, but we also extend these ethics to the surrounding communities through service projects and high quality work in our job fields. Buckeyes have a "grow and help grow" mentality in the sense that we will do whatever it takes to become the best we can be, and work just as hard to help our fellow peers do the same. We are a family, and together we shatter our goals and set the bar for a collegiate experience as one of the most elite universities.

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