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Court Member Detail

Jordan Shaffer

Hometown: Sylvania, Ohio
Major: Greenhouse Management & Horticulture Science minor Plant Pathology
Rank: Sophomore
Student Bio: Involvement activities on our campus: 1) Greenhouse Club- Student Advisor/ Leadership Committee 2) Landscape Club- Planet Competitor/ Member 3) Volunteer for Greenhouse Complex- Spring/ Summer 2015-Current 4) Bee Club- Member What does it mean to be a Buckeye? "Ohio against the World" is a statement that has meant so much to me since I first started thinking about college. Everyone said The Ohio State University is the greatest university to ever attend. Being a buckeye isn't just being a student or a number, it is being part of something bigger than that. Being a part of the O-H-I-O at events, games, or even in Dr. Deeter's random spurts in class just fills me with so much pride for my university. Being a buckeye is taking part in an undeniable spirit, a long standing tradition, and being able to make my own mark on this incredible university.

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