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Court Member Detail

Christopher Braumiller

Hometown: Waldo
Major: Industrial Engineering
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: First off, I would like to thank the committee board for choosing me as a representative in the 2013 Ohio State Marion Homecoming. I am currently a junior rank in the Engineering program with a focus in Industrial Engineering. Industrial Engineering is all about how to improve overall efficiency and productivity of different sectors of a company. I am currently a Math and Physics tutor in the academic enrichment center. Also, I am the president of the Engineering Club at Marion. Our goal as a club is to present the opportunity to all aspiring engineering students a chance to better themselves, make them more knowledge of real world experiences, as well as preparing them for future internships or even careers. I achieved the honor of making the Dean’s List in the spring semester of 2013. I believe that I would be an excellent representative for 2013 Marion Campus Homecoming King because I exemplify a great mixture of academics, involvement, and student interaction. Also, I believe that I would be a good candidate because it would show that our engineering program at the Marion Campus is really starting to expand and gain support. I have gained so much from my education here at Ohio State, but what really sticks out in my mind are the interactions students have with their professors. Here at the Marion campus, the ratio of students to professors is 22:1 in the classroom. This allows the students to have a better opportunity to learn as well as work on their communication skills. The communication skills are what I have gained the most out of coming to this regional campus. It has allowed me to communicate in all forms that range from casual to casual-business to professional. All of which will be very helpful upon graduation when attaining a job. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration and hope to get your vote! Go Bucks!!

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