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Court Member Detail

Brian Wilds

Hometown: Marion
Major: English
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: My name is Brian Wilds, I was born and raised most of my life in Marion, Ohio. I am a senior English major who spent thirteen years in retail management prior to returning to school after a sixteen year lapse in my education; I have found the experience amazing. My thirst for knowledge has never been higher, and the people and opportunities I have encountered have been life changing. My time here has been filled with classes and exams, but I have found much more on the Marion campus. I have watched and been involved as this campus has truly evolved into a student minded environment. The Coffee House Series, which I have headed has allowed students to express their artistic abilities and entertain the student population. I have been an active member of Kapow, which is a campus club which shares and displays poems and prose for fellow members. Kapow also has put out monthly zines displaying students work, and I have helped to develop this with professor McCorkle and now former students. There is also the online journal, the Cornfield Review, which is a gathering of students and public work developed by peers; I proudly say that I’m not only an author, but have helped to produce the Cornfield Review along with my peer groups on two separate occasions. I have seen the commitment of fellow students, staff, and the upper administration pushing for the growth of student based activities, and personally been the head of two all student ran festivals here on campus - Springfest, and Fallfest. These festivals were developed to bring students and the public together for celebration; and I’m proud to have been a key component. I am hoping that as your Marion Campus Homecoming King, I can continue to represent you, continue to build our student life, as well as build upon our relationships in the community, and with the other Ohio State campuses.

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