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Court Member Detail

Jessica Swope

Hometown: Marion
Major: Early Childhood Education
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: Hello, my name is Jessica Swope. I am a junior here at The Ohio State University Marion. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and love what I am currently getting myself into in college and in life. I am a native of Marion and graduated from Pleasant High School in 2011. Because I am a native and chose to go to The Ohio State University Marion, I feel make a good representative to the University and the community. OSUM has been a great place for me to continue my college education and I enjoy letting others know that it was a great decision! I am a positive representative to fellow students because of my passion and involvement in OSUM. I enjoy taking on a leadership position at the University with my current Vice President position in Undergraduate Student Government. Getting to be involved as a Student Representative to the Tobacco Free Committee change that will be coming to this campus this fall has helped me be more aware of the issues on campus and what I can do to spread the word. I am a part of the emerging Active Minds organization as well. We hope to reduce the stigma and encourage mental health awareness on campus. Being a community leader through the Marion Popcorn Pageants, my mentoring and teaching with my dance students, and mentoring through the Pride and Life Skills program through the Boys and Girls Club have been enjoyable and positive experiences that encourage me to stay within my community and at OSUM. It is because of this that I also feel I make a positive representative to my community. I know my community. It is my home and I am at home at The Ohio State University Marion. I feel I am a good representative for the 2013 Homecoming Queen because I am very involved and invested in this campus. I love being a Buckeye and cannot wait to see what opportunities are available to me to make this campus and our community a better place to live and thrive. After graduation, I am hoping to become an early education teacher while continuing my teaching dance at JoAnne’s School of Dance in Marion. I want to put my hard work and effort at The Ohio State University to work by being a positive role model to those in my community. Eventually I hope to go back to The Ohio State University and get my Masters in Special Education so I can continue helping students but especially those that may need that extra push. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your vote for the 2013 Marion Homecoming Queen!! Go Bucks!! - Jessica Swope

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