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Court Member Detail

Brad Ellis

Hometown: Kenton
Major: Social Work
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: Being a Buckeye means more than understanding what it means to, "Dot the i," be part of "The Big Ten," respond when hearing someone yell "O-H," "Bleed Scarlet & Gray," or stake claim to any combination of peanut butter and chocolate as an homage to The Ohio State University. And though all of these may be true, fill me with nostalgia, and make me smile, nothing gives me a greater sense of pride or purpose than knowing I am a member of a "Buckeye Nation" of past, present, and future students that will continue to leave a positive impact and important global legacy for generations to come. It is the excellence in education, charity, opportunity, diversity, spirit, and fraternity that makes me proud to say, "I AM A BUCKEYE!"

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