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Court Member Detail

Austin Richards

Hometown: Powell, Ohio
Major: Philosophy
Rank: Sophomore
Student Bio: Hello, my name is Austin Richards and I’m a sophomore here at Ohio State Marion. Before attending OSU I grew up in Powell where I attended Olentangy Liberty. In me first year here on Marion I was the schools captain on our annual hot wing eating team, which set an OSUM record 129 wings in five minutes. During my senior year of high school I had made the decision to move up to Marion to live here for the entire year. For my entire time here at OSUM I have lived within a few miles which has given me a tremendous opportunity to stay on campus and meet lots of students. Midway through my first year here on campus I never had any intentions of coming back for another year, but as the year progressed I enjoyed my time more and more. Ultimately I decided another year was best for me at Marion and like Lebron I came back. I would be certainly honored to be the king here as I hope I embody all that OSUM represents. Thank you for your vote, and I’ll see ya around!

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