Honors Biology
Spring 1996 Field Trip
Florida / Everglades National Park

During 15-24 March 1996, nine Ohio State-Lima students in the Honors sequence of Introductory Biology (Biology H115-H116) participated in a field trip to Florida. The students, Peg Goodwin, Christi Hirschfeld, John Mershman, Tami Parker, Tim Pohlman, Charles Rayburn, Crystal Rust, Vicki Sanford and Joy Uppenkamp, along with faculty members Mike Cunningham, Dave Dennis and Eric Juterbock (Chief Guide and Expedition Naturalist), traveled a bit over 3300 miles in two vehicles during the course of 10 days. This optional trip offered real time experience which connected the first term's study of biological diversity to the second term's study of ecology and environmental problems; Florida is really a laboratory of all of these things. The trip was made affordable to students because of the donation of a 14-passenger bus by Mid Bus, Inc. of Bluffton, Ohio to the Ohio State-Lima Honors Program. During the course of the trip we were able to see the following vertebrates: 7 species of amphibians, 15 of reptiles, 103 of birds, and 7 of mammals. We also identified a variety of insects and other invertebrates, and nearly 100 species of vascular plants. The following journal was written by the participants, and was edited and completed by Eric; the pages were built by Mike and Eric; photography by Mike, Dave and Eric.

Friday, March 15
Saturday, March 16
Sunday, March 17
Monday, March 18
Tuesday, March 19
Wednesday, March 20
Thursday, March 21
Friday, March 22
Saturday, March 23
Sunday, March 24
Species List

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