Stumped? Need a topic for your paper? Many classes require students to choose a topic in their major for their research papers. Here are a few hints on how to find a topic.
  1. If you are taking a class in your major, ask your instructor for advice. Most faculty members should be aware of significant issues in their field.
  1. Consult recent issues of professional journals and trade magazines in your field. You can do this three ways:
  • Come to the Lima Campus Library and browse through the journals in your field. We have guides for almost every major that list the journals we subscribe to. We will be happy to help you find them.
  • Browse through some online journals at OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center. Thousands of journals are available here, sorted by subject. If you are using them from off-campus, please first click on either How Do I . . . Work from Home (OSU) or How Do I . . . Work from Home (Rhodes).
  • Browse through some trade journals at Yahoo! Directory Trade Magazines. Do a search for your profession and "magazine." For example: law AND magazine, or nursing AND magazine. These will be less scholarly, but might help in determining a topic to pursue further.
  1. Consult the web sites of your professional organizations. Examples of these organizations would be the American Nurses Association, the Association of Computing Machinery, or the National Education Association. Most of these sites will have an "In the News" or "Issues" section. Don't know what your professional organization is?
  • Ask your favorite faculty member in your major for advice.
  • Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and do an OOH! Search (upper right hand corner). Once you have found your profession, click on the link that says "Sources of Additional Information." At least one professional organization should be listed.