Faculty Office Computer Upgrade Procedures

The Ohio State University at Lima
Technical Bulletin #200506281130


Previously, faculty upgrades of office computer equipment were officially requested once per year, during spring quarter, and purchases were then completed and installed during the summer quarter.  Since the summer quarter is no longer the "slow" time for Technology Services, we are changing to a rolling upgrade request system.

Instead of only taking requests for upgrades once per year, we will begin taking requests and purchasing equipment year-round.  This does not change the criteria or policies for approving upgrades or making the purchases, just the time frame for purchasing and installing equipment.

Generally speaking, office computers are on a three-year rotation (average) meaning you are entitled to get an upgrade every three years if you so choose.  Upgrades could be considered new equipment, "gently used" refurbished equipment (when it's an improvement) or additional memory/drive space/faster CPU as needed.

This change in procedures should spread out the requests and installations so that we may address your needs in a more timely manner.