Staff Office Computer Upgrade Procedures

The Ohio State University at Lima
Technical Bulletin #200506281138


Previously, staff upgrades of office computer equipment were the responsibility of the staff/support area supervisor.  The supervisor was responsible for tracking the usage, age, budgeting, and requirements of their support area computing needs.  We are now changing to a more centralized role for support area computing needs.  Technology Services will now be the responsible party for budgeting, tracking, and upgrading equipment in support staff areas.

Generally speaking, staff area computers are on a three-year rotation (average) meaning you are entitled to get an upgrade every three years if required.  Upgrades could be considered new equipment, "gently used" refurbished equipment (when it's an improvement) or additional memory/drive space/faster CPU as needed.  There are support areas on campus where task responsibilities or software systems require more frequent upgrades, and some where systems can be in place for longer.

If you feel that your current computer resources are inadequate for the tasks you are required to perform, please let us know so that we can schedule a meeting with your supervisor and you to discuss needs and solutions.  We hope that  this change in procedures should spread out the requests and installations so that we may address your needs in a more timely manner.