Psych 300/2300


research methods

next scheduled term (subject to change)            AUTUMN semester 2014

average final enrollment                                                              23

cumulative student’s course rating (out of 5)                       4.2

last term taught                                                          spring semester 2014

class median final grade                                                                B     

comments from past students:         


“You challenged students and encouraged class participation, which made class fun. You make sure we actually learn and understand the material instead of just memorizing information.” (Autumn 2009)

“You did a good job walking us through our assignments and giving us advice for them.  I did like that the notes were available on the website so we did not have to write them down and listen to you at the same time.” (Autumn 2009)

“Online notes were nice. I liked that attendance was required and had a grade attached to it.” (Winter 2009)

“Always a good, difficult class that I enjoy to take, because I learn so much...” (Winter 2009)

“Overall he was a stimulating professor and I probably learned more with him than would have having any other teacher in this class...” (Autumn 2007)

“Dr. Leite always took the time to help clarify points the class wasn't sure about...” (Autumn 2007)


“... exams were the hardest thing to do just because the amount of critical thinking involved.” (Spring 2009)

“One problem that I had in class was rushing to take notes while you were talking.” (Autumn 2007)

“I think that his expectations for this course were a little tough...” (Autumn 2007)