Psych 312/3312


memory & cognition

next scheduled term (subject to change)               AUTUMN Semester 2014

average final enrollment                                                              19

cumulative student’s course rating (out of 5)                       4.5

last term taught                                                              AUTUMN Semester 2013

class median final grade                                                                 C+     

comments from past students:         


“Although the course material is challenging, I enjoy having Dr. Leite as a professor. I always learn

a lot and I also appreciate that he expects a lot out of the students.” (Winter 2012)

“... he tries very hard to push his students to understand the material he teaches, rather than just giving us information and expecting us to repeat it back to him.” (Autumn 2009)  

“This class was very well presented...” (Autumn 2008)

“I think Dr. Leite expects his students to think for themselves, which I believe is a good thing.” (Autumn 2008)

“I loved coming to this class because I learned something new everyday, and it helped a lot to take the GRE in psychology.” (Autumn 2007)


“... my only complaint would be the way the notes are handled. There is a vast amount of information but some of it gets lost because the class is busy scribbling down notes.” (Autumn 2009)

“... the only thing I would change about the class would be the amount of notes taken in one class period.” (Autumn 2008)

“I think for a 300 level class the amount of homework required was excessive.” (Autumn 2007)