Psych 313/3313


introduction to Behavioral neuroscience

next scheduled term (subject to change)             Autumn Semester 2014

average final enrollment                                                              20

cumulative student’s course rating (out of 5)                       4.5

last term taught                                                            Autumn Semester 2013

class median final grade                                                                 B     

comments from past students:         


“Dr. Leite is an excellent instructor and conveys the material wonderfully. I have had him for an instructor in other classes and I always learn a lot in his classes.” (Winter 2012)

“This prof. holds his students to a higher standard, which he should...” (Autumn 2009)

“What we learned is what was going to be on the test, not something completely away from what was going on in class.” (Autumn 2009)


“This course was incredibly challenging... The professor was very knowledgeable and well organized but the class was way too hard for a 300 level course and as a requirement for psych graduates.” (Winter 2012)

“While I enjoyed this course, I did not like the book at all. It was difficult to read, and the author often included information that was not helpful.” (Winter 2012)

“I feel as though Dr. Leite expects too much from students in what is for most an introductory

neuroscience course.” (Winter 2012)

“There are times ... that he forgets we are not working on our PhDs and he makes the exams very difficult.” (Autumn 2009)

“It was very hard to keep up with the readings that were recommended prior to the classes.” (Winter 2008)