Courses taught at OSU

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(Note: 3-digit courses taught in quarters; 4-digit courses in semesters)

Psych 100/1100 - General (introduction to) psychology

psych 300/2300 - research methods

psych 310/3310 - sensation & perception

psych 312/3312 - memory & cognition

psych 313/3313 - introduction to cognitive/Behavioral neuroscience

psych 321 - quantitative & statistical methods

psych 500 - experimental psychology

psych 510/4510 - (research methods in) Cognitive psychology Laboratory

Teaching awards

2012 Outstanding Teaching AWARD, OSU Lima. June 1, 2012. In recognition of the outstanding performance of an Ohio State Lima faculty member, both in appreciation of past excellence and to encourage future innovation.

Recognition for “Dedication and Excellence in Teaching” by the PSI CHI National Honor Society (OSU Lima Chapter). May 19, 2009.