Computer Science Courses on the OSU Lima Campus

Basic Computer Skills for Any Major

These introductory courses provide basic skills for students with limited or no previous computer experience. They require minimal or no prerequisites, and DO NOT teach programming.   

Basic Computer Skills for the Business Major

Students interested in computing and data management for business are required to take CSE2111 - Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases. They can continue with CSE1223- Programming in Java which is a required course for a specialization in Information Systems.

Basic Programming Skills for Any Major

For students with an interest in electronic/computer games and mobile applications, we offer two entry-level courses. These courses require no prerequisites and no previous programming experience.
  • Create interactive games and animations in  CSE1211 - Computational Thinking in Context: Images, Animation, and Games.
  • Create apps for Android devices in CSE1212 - Computational Thinking in Context: Mobile Applications.


Introductory Programming Courses

Students interested to gain basic programming skills can choose from the following two introductory courses: