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Scholastic Bowl:
Western Buckeye League Scholastic Bowl Tournament Rules
1. A team will consist of four (4) players during a match and may have substitutes available. Players must be full-time students at the school they represent. Substitutions may be made between matches or at halftime of a match.

2. Each team will have a faculty advisor or designee.

3. A match will consist of thirty (30) questions. Halftime will be called after the first fifteen (15) questions are completed. The match ends after the thirtieth (30th) question, unless there is a tie score. The team with the most points at the end of thirty (30) questions shall be declared the winner.

4. Questions will be directed to both teams in simultaneous fashion. Teams may discuss the question before “buzzing in.” The first player to buzz in will be expected to answer immediately. No consultation may take place after the buzz in. If the player receives any assistance, his/her team forfeits the opportunity to answer that question or score points for it. The player that buzzes in must also be the player to answer. Players may buzz in at any time during the question, but the judges will stop reading the question immediately if they are interrupted by a buzz in.

5. Ten seconds to answer will be allowed from the completion of the reading of the question. (Thirty seconds will be allowed for computation questions.) If no team answers in ten seconds, the judges will move to the next question. If a team answers correctly, it will be awarded one (1) point. If it answers incorrectly, the other team will be given an opportunity to answer. If necessary, the judge will finish reading the question for the other team and allow them ten (10) seconds to answer (30 seconds for computation questions). If the question was already completed, the other team will have five (5) seconds to buzz in and answer (15 seconds for computation questions). There is no penalty for an incorrect response.

6. Players must give a single answer or a reasonable “companionship” such as an author and title. Players may not give “essay” answers in which they simply begin listing facts in rambling fashion hoping to say something that might lead to a correct answer.

7. In the event of a tie at the end of the match, the judges will ask one (1) point tie breaking questions in sudden-death fashion. The first team to answer a question correctly according to the same rules as above wins the match.

8. Judges are permitted to ask for clarification, re-pronunciation, spelling or more specific information if they deem it necessary to determine a player knows the correct answer.

9. Judges may throw out questions compromised by the audience.

10. The decisions of the judges regarding the rules and answers are final. A judge may reverse correctness or throw out invalid questions. Challenges to questions must be made by a player in the match before the next question is read and will only be reviewed if the outcome of the match is affected.

11. Calculators and other such devices and resource materials are not allowed. Paper and pencil will be provided.

12. All players and coaches are expected to act with good sportsmanship.

13. Play will be in round-robin fashion. Each school will play every other school. The league champion will be determined by best record of wins and losses. The first tie- breaker will be best record in head-to-head competition. The second tie-breaker will be total number of points scored. The third tie-breaker will be average margin of victory. The champion will be eligible for regionals.

14. A team will be given five minutes from the judges declared “ready” time to start a match. Teams not arriving for their match will forfeit and the opponent will be awarded a victory. An average number of points from all their other matches will be awarded to the winners for tie-breaking purposes.