The Research Committee will accept applications from regular full-time faculty members (assistant professor and above) who wish to apply for a Special Research Assignment to be effective during the 2006-2007 academic year. The deadline for applications has now passed.

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What is the SRA?

A Special Research Assignment is for one quarter, to be awarded to regular full-time faculty members whose research may be effectively promoted by the award of time. The assignment allows release from teaching for the quarter in question. It cannot be used for the completion of the Ph.D. degree or for teaching elsewhere. Salary will not be affected. It also cannot be sequential with a Faculty Professional Leave, or an Untenured Faculty Development Quarter, with sequential defined as excluding Summer Quarter (e.g. one cannot have an SRA or UFDQ in Spring and then begin a FPL the following Autumn). Only in rare cases will the committee entertain leave requests in consecutive academic years. Nor will it consider leaves for more than two courses (i.e., not in a faculty member's three-course quarter).

Who may apply? What role does the Research Committee play?

All regular tenure-line faculty may apply.  But new faculty who have been given leave time as part of their initial contract must use that leave time before making an application.

As always, the Committee's role is merely advisory, and final decisions will be made by the Administration. The Committee, however, will judge applications and submit its recommendations to the Administration, then meet with the Administration to discuss the recommendations.

Those wishing to apply for the SRA should submit an application in seven copies to Duane Roller (mail to GA 4th floor) by the deadline.

The application should include the following:

1. A detailed description of the project you wish to pursue. Your description should cover the following points:

a) What is the relationship of your project to recent scholarship in the same field and what do you expect your specific contribution to be?

b) What is the relationship of your project to your own previous and future work?

c) What is your methodology?

d) Do you intend to finish the project during your SRA quarter? If not, what phases do you intend to complete and what are your plans for further work?

e) Where do you intend to work on the project, with justification for field locations?

f) A bibliography of relevant publications.

2. A list and dates of previous leaves granted by the Ohio State University.

3. A curriculum vitae.

The Committee reviews proposals on an as-is basis, so they should be as complete as possible. Proposals should make some attempt to be as free of technical jargon as possible, since they may be reviewed by persons not in the applicant's field.

For further information contact any member of the Research Committee.

Criteria for review will include:

a) the quality of the applicant's previous work and promise of future quality;
b) the likelihood that the leave will make a significant contribution to the applicant's research profile;
c) the quality of the project to be undertaken during the leave;
d) the length of time since the applicant's last leave;
e) the available number of leave slots in a given year;
f) the mix of senior (SRA) and junior (UFDQ) applicants.

After the SRA:

Each person awarded an SRA is required to provide a written report to the Dean of the Lima Campus as well as the recipient's departmental chairman within six weeks of the completion of the SRA. The report should discuss the accomplishments during the SRA, the current status of the project, and the impact the SRA has had on the recipient's effectiveness as a scholar.

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Last updated: 01/11/06