Duties of the Lima Campus Research Committee

This committee works closely with the administration of The Ohio State University’s Lima campus to cultivate and to recognize the world-class research activities of the faculty through the following programs:

1. Research Grants. At the beginning of each academic year a detailed description of the requirements for proposals is distributed. At the beginning of each quarter a call for proposals is also distributed, with a deadline 3-4 weeks after the call. The committee meets shortly thereafter and makes its recommendations to the Administration, which approves or denies the grants within three weeks thereafter.

Generally, the purpose of this fund is to provide quick support for research. Although proposals must be written with the care and attention required of any grant proposal, internal or external, it is recognized that the proposals may not be suitable for university-wide or external funding. Because the fund is small, the budgets must be as modest as possible. Types of things granted in the past include travel to research sites, student help, or the cost of making a survey, but the proposals are not limited to this and it is recognized that the type of suitable proposal will vary from discipline to discipline. We do not cover equipment, or travel to meetings, as these are covered elsewhere. It should also be emphasized that these are not the only grant possibilities available to faculty.

For more information about Research Grants, click here.

2. Faculty Leaves. The committee serves as the clearinghouse for the two types of leaves, the Untenured Faculty Development Quarter available to very junior faculty who have not had a previous leave (and thus not repeatable), and the Special Research Assignment, available to all tenure line faculty, and repeatable. Both of these provide a quarter off at full pay. One may not hold both in close succession, and the committee will not likely look with favor on requests for leaves, even of different types, in close succession from any faculty member. A detailed prospectus of both leaves is distributed early in Winter Quarter, at which time applications are to be made for leaves effective the following academic year. The committee makes its recommendations to the Administration late in Winter Quarter. Because the number of leaves depends on external financial considerations not under the control of the committee, the Administration may not always follow the recommendations of the committee. Because the number of applicants may exceed the number of slots, it is often not possible to grant a leave on one's first try.

The committee does not deal with the Faculty Professional Leave, loosely and erroneously called a sabbatical, available every eight years. Application for this is made through one's college.

3. Outstanding Scholar Award. Each year the Administration makes an award to the scholar whom the committee judges, using the criterion of published research, to have made the most significant contribution to the campus research environment. The award is made at the June convocation. Details of the application are provided early in Spring quarter. Self-nomination carries no stigma and is common. The award carries a $500 honorarium and a $1000 research grant.

For more information about the Outstanding Scholar Award, click here.

4. Other Duties of the Committee. The committee stands always ready to advise faculty about their research responsibilities, about how to obtain college, university, and external funding, and how research may fit into one's preparation for tenure. Although an informal responsibility, the committee considers this one of their major duties, and is always happy to give advice or to read and critique grant proposals.

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