Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award Winner for 2005-2006:
Dr. Beth Sutton-Ramspeck

The Research and Special Projects Committee invites nominations for the 2006-2007 Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award. Information will follow later this winter.

Each spring, an Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award may be given to a tenure-line member of the full-time OSU-Lima faculty whose scholarship represents a significant advance of knowledge in that individual's field. The award may be of a single original publication, performance, or exhibition, or a package of works related by a common, specifically designed research or creative purpose. Preference will be given to those beyond their first year on this campus and the bulk of whose research was performed while a faculty member on this campus.

The Committee shall be the judging body for this award and will submit its recommendation to the Dean and Director. Outside reviewers will be consulted. There may be multiple awards for equally meritorious nominees, or no award if there are no suitable nominees. Where all other things are equal, the judging criteria may include whether a candidate is near promotion or the tenure decision, and the candidate's seniority.

Faculty may nominate others or themselves. There is no stigma to nominating oneself; in fact, this is preferred and most common, since one is most familiar with one's own work. A nomination should consist of the following:

a) A written statement explaining the nature and purpose of the scholarship and its importance to the field;

b) Copies of the scholarly work (or descriptions, if it is in other than written form);

c) Copies of any supporting documents (reviews, etc.);

d) Letters of review from three specialists, not on the Lima Campus, and no more than one from the Ohio State University, who can judge the significance of the work. (We realize some of these may not reach us by the deadline, but move on it as quickly as possible.)

Unsuccessful nominees may be renominated in subsequent years without prejudice. A winner of the award may be renominated after five years, and will be considered on the basis of work done subsequent to the previous award.

The award will include a $500 cash honorarium and a $1000 research line; multiple honorees will split these amounts. The recipient will be announced at the end-of-year convocation.

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