How to Submit a Research Proposal:

Research proposals must follow the guidelines circulated by the committee with the Autumn call for proposals. All proposals must conform to University regulations regarding budget (costs of travel, documentation of expenses, etc.). Funds are available only after such documentation is provided. Generally, equipment purchases should be made through normal campus or departmental funds. We urge people to be as conservative as possible in their funding requests, as money is getting tighter every year. In particular, be reasonable about meal costs: the University guidelines are perhaps more generous than most people need.

Seven copies of proposals (including the standardized cover page) must be submitted to Duane W. Roller, by the date specified for each quarter. Proposals should be typed, with complete bibliography. Each proposal must have a detailed, specific budget and a precise indication of when it is expected that the funds will be used. The committee expects as much care to be given to the preparation of internal proposals as would be given to an external request. The proposals will be reviewed by the members of the research committee, who may not be in the same field as the proposer, so jargon should be avoided. Try to keep proposals concise: vitae and publications are not necessary. Generally, the committee will review proposals on an as-is basis, although on occasion a proposer may be requested to submit further information. The committee will review all proposals received by the particular deadline.

Criteria used for review will include:
a) the quality of the applicant's previous work and promise of future quality;
b) conception, definition, and organization of the proposal;
c) the likelihood that the proposed undertaking will be completed;
d) the relationship of the applicant's proposal to his own field or to knowledge in general.

The Research Committee will make its recommendations to the Dean within two weeks after the proposal deadline, and final approval will be granted within three weeks after the recommendations are sent to the Dean. Applicants whose proposals have a particular time frame should take this schedule into account.

Applicants whose projects receive funding must submit a report to the committee at the close of the project. The committee will not consider further proposals by the same faculty member until it receives this report (or a progress report if the first project is on-going at the time of the faculty member’s next application).

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