Guidelines for Research and Special Project Grants:

All proposals must include the standardized cover page (or a facsimile) as their first page.

Proposals must cover the following points, or explain why a particular point is not being addressed. Proposals not conforming to the guidelines will be summarily rejected.

  1. the current state of the study; whether it is just beginning or in progress, progress to date, stages yet to be completed, the plans for each stage, and how the proposal fits into the whole;
  2. the specific program of study or research planned, including the basic thesis or queries to be explored, and the way in which this will be done; schedule of the work.
  3. the relation of the proposal to the applicant's immediate and long range study and objectives;
  4. the significance of the study to human knowledge;
  5. the relationship of the applicant's work to others working in the same field;
  6. the location where the study will be conducted; the likelihood of access to necessary materials; the need to conduct the study in this particular location;
  7. the plans for publication of the research or pedagogical (or other academic) use of the material;
  8. a brief bibliography;
  9. a definite and itemized budget, with justification for each item;
  10. an itemization of other funding requested for the same project;
  11. specific information about exactly when the funds will be used;
  12. justification for inclusion in the budget of items normally funded from other sources (e.g, Columbus travel, postage, telephone, copying);
  13. a summary of previous grant support the applicant has received, both internal and external, over the last two years.

Take care to make proposals easy to read and to navigate. A brief table of contents for the body of the proposal is often helpful.

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