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Safety and Security

Lima Campus is the home of two institutions, The Ohio State University at Lima and the James A. Rhodes State College. The non-residential 565-acre campus has eight public buildings. Ohio State Lima’s nearly 1,300 full- and part-time students are working toward associate, bachelors or masters degrees. An additional number of students and returning professionals are on campus for classes through the Office of Continuing Education. More than 200 faculty and staff work at Ohio State Lima, not including student employees.

Those involved in keeping the campus safe work in offices such as University Police (419) 995-8410, Rhodes Security (419) 995-8499, Physical Plant (419) 995-8389 and Student Activities (419) 995-8415. Campus Lost & Found services and items are located with Campus Security, Tech Lab 140B.

Campus Security

Campus Security is a service provided by Rhodes State College and cost-shared between the two institutions. The Campus Security Office is staffed by a security supervisor, an assistant security supervisor during second shift, and several part-time employees. The office is responsible for security and parking on campus. The duties and responsibilities of the Security Office and its staff are outlined within this campus safety flyer and the college catalog and student handbook.

Copies are available for campus visitors from the following locations:
--University Police in Galvin 135
--Student Activities in Galvin Hall 066
--Security Office in Tech Lab, Room 140B

Crime Statistics

Personal Responsibility

Members of the Lima Campus faculty, staff, students and visitors are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and to be responsible for their personal safety. Although we try to insure the safety of the campus population by making sure grounds are well lit and patrolled, crime does occur. We publish crime statistics so that students, faculty, staff and our visitors will be aware of the potential for crime. We subscribe to the philosophy that publicizing crime and campus safety information will only help make the campus safer.

Reporting Crime

The campus encourages prompt, accurate reporting of crimes or suspicious incidents. Any phone on campus may be used.

For emergencies, dial 911

For non-emergencies, dial University Police 8410 or Rhodes Security 8499

All pay phones are equipped to reach the country-wide 9-1-1 emergency system which connects you to all law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services and fire departments.

Crime Prevention Programs

Safety is a concern everywhere in society, and the Lima Campus is no exception. There are many ways to promote security and avoid unsafe situations. An understanding of basic safety principles, a little caution and lots of common sense are your best protection. Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College are committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty, staff and other members and visitors of the campus community. Trees and shrubs are well maintained and trimmed back away from buildings and walkways. The parking lots and sidewalks are well lit for your comfort.

Crime prevention and awareness pamphlets and a variety of informational pamphlets ranging from date rape, personal safety, wellness and other topics are available from the Student Activities Office, Galvin Hall, Room 066.

Nonsmoking Policy

The Ohio State Nonsmoking Policy and the Ohio State Smoke-Free Workplace Law (ORC 3794) are in effect at the Lima Campus. Smoking is prohibited inside buildings or under outside overhangs (e.g. covered loading docks, covered porches, bus shelters, entryways, etc.). Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of doors, windows that open or air intakes.

Compliant signage has been posted at all entryways on Campus and in University vehicles. Ashtrays have been removed from areas in which smoking is prohibited. All individuals must discontinue smoking when asked to do so in locations where smoking is prohibited.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

The Ohio State University at Lima prohibits the illegal use, production, manufacture, sale, distribution and/or possession of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances on campus. In addition, the misuse of substances which present physical or psychological hazards to individuals is prohibited.

Penalties for violations of these regulations are set forth in the Code of Student Conduct. The Ohio State University Code of Student Conduct is printed in the Student Handbook and Student Telephone Directory. A synopsis is printed in the master schedule of classes for each quarter. The Office of Student Life also maintains a current version of the code on its website [ http://studentlife.osu.edu/resources/ ]

Student Escort Service

During the evening hours, the parking lots and sidewalks are well lit for your comfort. If you don't feel comfortable walking alone, call the Security Office at ext. 8499, and someone will escort you to your vehicle. Alternatives include walking with a friend or in groups.

Campus Buildings

Most campus academic facilities are open from 7 a.m. until the last evening class lets out. The campus technical training centers and computer labs maintain standard hours of operation. These areas are monitored by lab assistants with posted hours for daily and weekend usage. The physical facilities director is responsible for maintenance of buildings and grounds. Campus lighting and general conditions are constantly being evaluated regarding safety. A program to upgrade lighting, roads and walkways has been implemented. Physical Plant on campus is staffed by sixteen full-time employees.

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