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The Ohio State University at Lima:
Event Detail
October 30, 2013  -  Humans vs. Zombies

The Gamers’ Guild is coordinating, writing, and hosting Humans versus Zombies (HVZ) the week of October 28-Nov. 1. HVZ is a campus-wide game of tag and incorporates daily missions to progress the story line. The game will be played outdoors and in public area of building interiors (hallways, lobbies, etc.). Approved weapons include nerf and nerf-type soft foam weapons. Participants need to register by Mon., Oct. 28 and must have weapons checked and approved before beginning the game. To register, go to hvzsource.com/osulrsc.

Location: Campus Grounds    Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   

Contact Information:
Email: stocks.jm@rhodesstate.edu

All dates for this event: 10/28/2013    11/01/2013    10/29/2013    10/30/2013    10/31/2013    

Extra Credit for Attendance:
Not designated as extra credit eligible.