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  Ohio State Lima Student Research Interest Group Listserve
Interested in Undergraduate Research? Not Sure How to Get Started?

If you would like to be part of an elite group of students participating in research on the Ohio State Lima campus, sign up on the “OHIO STATE LIMA STUDENT RESEARCH INTEREST GROUP LISTSERVE.”

We will periodically send out email notices about scholar presentations on our campus; student research presentations; workshops about how to start a research project; and, funding opportunities and scholarship awards related to undergraduate research. You might also receive notices from faculty searching for research assistants.

By signing up, you simply agree to have email notices periodically sent to you. There is no obligation on your part. This is simply a way for faculty to relay information to you and other like-minded students interested in research. You can “UNSUBSCRIBE” from the listserve at any time.

We hope that you will consider joining the listserve. Who knows, this could be the start of Something Big and Something Great at Ohio State!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Joe Green, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Ohio State Lima Coordinator of Research

All email will come from the address green.301@osu.edu. Once you've submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation message. If you do not receive a confirmation, please send an email to green.301@osu.edu.

If you want to unsubscribe from the list, please send an e-mail with the subject line of UNSUBSCRIBE to green.301@osu.edu with the name and email address that you would like to unsubscribe in the body of the message.

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