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 Student Presentation Award
Eligibility: Any student at Ohio State Lima is eligible to receive this award with the backing of a faculty mentor.

Student Presentation Award

Description: Students work with a faculty mentor in a research project - broadly defined to include all disciplines - potentially spanning several semesters. Students could work in a group or by themselves. Normally, students are expected to earn independent study coursework for the duration of the project, as credit earned would be one measure of the scope and duration of the experience. Reasons for why a student was not enrolled in independent study, if applicable, should be explained to the committee (e.g., project included summer term when the student was not enrolled). Faculty and their students are expected to have their projects completed by the end of spring semester. The application for an award should be submitted to the URMC by the deadline stated on the committee’s webpage.


Mentored students will prepare the following three elements:

1. An oral presentation on the Lima campus. This presentation should be publicly advertised on campus in at least two ways, such as email, posters, or The Communicator. This presentation can take place at any time during the academic year. The length, setting, and content is supervised by the faculty mentor. This presentation is required, but will not be judged. Faculty members are responsible for documenting the public advertisements.
2. A short written summary of the research. Students are required to include references to outside sources when appropriate. This document should be between 1-3 pages long, and should be submitted to the chair of the URMC by March 14, 2013. The chair will then distribute this document to forum judges before the poster session. This document will be judged by the judges only and will count for 50 percent of the total. Applicants are encouraged to include information in their application about any unique features of the project or particular obstacles within an area of study that would help inform the committee about the merits of the project. References are strongly encouraged where appropriate. From this 1-3 page document, the student should create a 200-word abstract to be included in the forum’s program.
3. A poster. There will be a judged poster session in the library each year before the Denman Forum in Columbus; it should take place early enough so that winning research projects can be announced at the annual Awards Ceremony on the Lima campus. Posters will also be displayed for approximately one week for campuswide viewing and student voting. Posters will be judged by both the judging panel and by students. Poster scores count for 50 percent of the final score. This year’s poster session will be on March 26, 2013, in the library.


Award: First, second, and third place will earn bookstore gift certificates in the amount of $300, $200, and $100, respectively.

Review: The poster presentations are judged by a panel which consists of faculty members from departments participating in the forum. It should not, however, consist of any faculty mentors for that year. Additionaly, peer students can also vote. The voting ballots for the posters will contain information (e.g., criteria guidelines) to aid faculty/students in judging the projects.