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 Mentorship Committee
Purpose of Undergraduate Research Mentorship Committee: The goal of this committee and the attendant reward system is to encourage faculty to actively engage students in research, and to encourage and reward students for engaging in such activities. This opportunity should increase the number of undergraduate students participating in conferences or other scholarly venues to share high quality undergraduate research projects. Participation in the Ohio State Lima Undergraduate Research Forum, the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, the Universities Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize or publication in JUROS are examples of appropriate venues and are strongly encouraged, although faculty and students are welcome to pursue any appropriate forum for their discipline that will showcase undergraduate research.

Six faculty members, elected through faculty assembly elections, shall serve on the URMC. Each person should represent a different college within the university. Members will serve a 2-year term. Members can be re-elected for multiple terms. The chair of the committee should not serve as chair for longer than 2 consecutive terms (i.e., 4 consecutive years). Please direct questions to the URMC chair.

URMC Voting: If a committee member is being considered for an annual or career award, they will recuse themselves from deliberation and voting on the respective award. A faculty member will be selected by the remaining members of the committee to replace the recused individual.