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Student Life:
Student Senate President
Thank you for visiting the Official Student Senate Presidential Election Voting site. The winner of the presidential race will become President of the Ohio State University at Lima Student Senate for the 2014-2015 school year. Students are encouraged to attend the regular meetings throughout the school year to discuss current campus issues. The Ohio State University at Lima Student Senate is "Setting the Precedent" and thanks you for casting your vote in this highly competitive presidential race.

Voting Disclaimer: Each student at Ohio State Lima is allowed to vote once for one of four presidential candidates. By signing in with your Ohio State Lima lastname.# you are providing an electronic signature attached to your vote to verify you are an Ohio State Lima Student, and that you are only voting once. Your vote is confidential and no other student will have access to view your voting choice.

Ohio State Lima lastname.#:
The Candidates:

Skylar Alexander