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Hog Creek Review
Allen County High Schools 2009

Allen East star Apollo Career Center star Bath star Bluffton star Delphos Jefferson star Delphos St. John’s star Elida star Lima Central Catholic
Lima Senior star Perry star Shawnee star Spencerville star Temple Christian
Freshman/Sophomore Division
The Bird
Dani Hale, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Christina Elwer


My heart flutters,

The frantic wind on my back,

My sea of dreams,

A noise,


The pounding pulse of a drum,


Ta ta ta rum rum buuummm

It’s gone,

The raging calm drowns me,

Suffocating waters,

Darkness falls, as do I,

Flat world on edge,

Hush, my baby, hush,

Breathes the nightingale to the sparrow,

Stars cry,

As the moon sings

Songs sweet,

Melodies bitter,

Paralyze my body,

Your tantalizing tough

The beastly beauty

The kindly Samaritan,

The drowning air,

The screaming silence,

The redeeming waters,

Fly forward on the dark wing of night,

Fly and be free,

O precious night,

O glorious black night,

For with you I am safe,

Safe to have wings,

Safe to fly.


Pills in My Pocket
Anita Owsley, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Michael Steidl


I Got These pills in my pocket and I’m waiting for a sign;
I’m holding out as long as I can as time passes me by.

I Got These words on my tongue, but they’re swallowed down my throat;
The more I think the less comes out.

I Got These feelings in my gut, it makes my stomach turn;
I look in the mirror, my eyes are red, quickly I wipe away the burn.

I Got These secrets in my heart;
I bury them deep down;
If they weren’t hidden they’d be found;
Then, slowly torn apart.

I Got This makeup on my face, I wear it well;
If you weren’t so oblivious, you would be able to tell.

I Got This wall all around me, made of brick;
It’s cold, it’s tall, it’s 24 inches thick.
I can’t get out, no one comes in;
This place is my head where everything spins.

I got these people always wondering they ask me “what is wrong?”
I look at them long and hard, then answer “Nothing.” I must be strong.

You See, I Got This life that was given;
It was free and will be one worth livin’.

These pills are still in my pocket, I’m still waiting for my sign;
But, this time it won’t pass me by.

I got this passion that surrounds my soul;
It’s my drive;

This passion is my motivation;
This is what makes me shine;
It locks a determination deep inside;
This passion is mine.

I Got These thoughts, they can’t be bought;
They’re here to stay and they won’t be fought.
They’re in my mind, a safe vault;
They guide my conscience and hide my faults.

I do not fear it;
My thoughts erect my spirit.

Tragedy at Lakehurst
Mark Schoenhofer, Lima Central Catholic
Sponsoring Teacher: Tricia May


Part 1


Franz Schmidt


My job was to

keep the bird

tethered to the ground.

the bird

that I kept in check

was the noble Hindenburg.

it could fly

across the Atlantic

without having to stop.

its dull silver shell

held within one of the most

highly flammable gasses

known to man.

hydrogen is what kept this

bird afloat.

to me

an unlearned observer

it seemed that

this ship was bad luck.

my mother always told me

to stay away from anything

that was bigger than a bus

it is supposedly the safest

thing in the sky.

I’m not buying it.



Ada Klein

First Class Passenger

I hate the thought

of climbing into

confined spaces

I like being able to see the

outside world

the blue hues of the sky

the whiteness of the clouds

the refreshing green.

my cabin was large

but it had no window

the soft

pale blue curtains

reminded me of home

but I don’t want to remember


I am leaving this

Godforsaken country for America

the land of promise and


in the hull of a silver





Bert Himmler


I designed the


it was my creation

I made it as safe and


as I could

the only problem I had

was that the helium that I had

planned to fill the

lifting tanks

with, was too expensive

so we had to use

the highly



the skin is

coated in a

mixture called


though it worked well as

a water resistant

it was extremely


I can only hope her

maiden voyage goes

as planned

and she lands

in Lakehurst

in one



Part 2


 Frederic Schwarz


it wasn’t hard

to make it past the

linemen and the

crew members.

you just had to watch for the

bright blue uniforms

of the officers.

I managed to find an

empty space in the cargo hold

with enough room

for a fella to stretch out

then I remembered to

look for my knife.

my trusty knife that

had gotten me out of

plenty of sticky situations

I found it

in my front pocket

then I felt the bird make a

sharp turn

and the knife

fell out of my hand.

it fell

and fell

until I heard it puncture

the main gas sack.

then I started to black out

as more and more gas rushed out

into the cargo hold




Ada Klein

First Class Passenger

I first heard a

whooshing of a

strong wind

I wondered if it was just

a window someone had

left open

then my worst fears were

confirmed when I saw the

bright orange

wall of flame


down upon me

my land of

promise and freedom was

within my reach

but I would never step foot

on that hallowed ground




Part 3


Herbert Morrison

Radio Announcer

it was my job to paint

a picture for

all the folks that listen to me

the night of the accident

things were going like any other

event that I had


you could hear the quiet

hum of the four engines on the


then you slowly saw it

drift into your view

it was a majestic creature

with its dull silver skin

stretched tightly across its

steel skeleton

then I saw small

sparks of static electricity

then the outside skin


the wave of

bright orange and yellow


flashed across the skin

of the zeppelin

then the hydrogen

lit on fire

a mushroom cloud

appeared from the top of the


it all happened so


it only took

thirty-four seconds

to claim





David Sauders


the scene of the crash

was the ugliest

thing I had ever seen

the skeleton of the zeppelin

lay on the ground

like a huge burnt whale

we had to pull

burnt and charred


from among the wreckage

I could not speak

the horrors I saw that day

will stick with

me for

the rest of my life

I found a silver necklace

in the midst of the rubble

I started

asking around

to see if it belonged

to any one of the surviving


none of them

claimed it

so from that day forward

I wore that necklace

to remind myself

that life is short

and that I

need to live


to its fullest


of my


The Minotaur
Cogan Shimizu, Shawnee
Sponsoring Teacher: Timothy Cheeseman


Having wondered, wandered

For so long

In this labyrinth

That is my mind


I’m lost,

I’ve fallen, failed

Now too many times.


I’ve forgotten my thread

The minotaur comes

It slumbers no more.


I’m trapped, cornered

The monstrosity upon me.


No longer.

Story of Her Life
Nicole Cross, Lima Central Catholic
Sponsoring Teacher: Tricia May


She washed the scent of cheap perfume off her, as he cools down on the other side of the


She brushes her teeth getting the taste of him out of her mouth, and he flips on the TV

and shuffles to find his clothes.

She opens the bathroom door, just as he closes the hotel room door.

He has left with her smile.

And she is left with only the flickering sound of the TV to comfort her and cover up the

sound of her falling apart.

Blood Time
Adam Haunhorst, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Christina Elwer


I’ve given my time

My blood and my tears,

And all through the pain

I’ve never shown any fear.


I’ve learned so much

Through all the tests,

So I can still dream

Of being the best.


To stand under those lights

And hear that crowd cheer,

It fills you with pride

As your ultimatum grows near.


You shake the man’s hand

As the whistle blows loud,

You make your first move

Your only goal is to make your coach proud.


Your muscles are sore

But it’s not over yet,

You’ve got to keep going

You’ve got to get set.


The final second tics by

The battle’s over and done

The ref raises your hand

And you know you’ve won.


As you leave the battle

Behind in your wake,

Your poor tired limbs

Are beginning to shake.


When you come back

Your friends greet you with grins,

You’ve earned their respect

But the challenge to keep it only begins.

Cody Brinkman, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Christina Elwer


If only people would show

Who they really are

I try to find answers

But have failed so far.

Hiding true identities

For fear of rejection

Lying and faking

For temporary satisfaction.

Very few are true to themselves

Worrying about too much,

Like heaven and hell.

Why can’t they worry about life

And not what is after,

Enjoy the simple things

Like music, smiles, and laughter.

Holding back, building regrets

Blind to peace of mind,

Because everyone thinks they know what’s best.

In this world there is more than just you,

So offer your heart to all.

Be different

It’s all you have to do.

Stick to what you hold true

Don’t just follow others

Everyone is an individual.

Hold back hatred, because enemies

Are still our sisters and brothers

Let your soul flow out

Because in this world of black and white,

I want to see color.

Trevor Kroeger
Sponsoring Teacher: Christina Elwer


Unseen by the naked eye

But felt within the soul


An illusion of time and sound

Reverberating through space


A universal form of individual expression

All races peacefully comprehend


A song sung

Where words cannot speak


A vigorous addiction of

An unpretentious passion


This is…



God’s Grace
Katie Honigford, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Christine Elwer


As I sat upon my rock at sea,

I watched nature unfold before my eyes.

Waves flashed in the summer sun, and white foam bubbled.

And sitting there I realized –

the beauty of nature is overwhelming;

God’s grace works in many ways.

Finally, I stepped off the rock and looked back one last time,

Thanking God for the beauty of the sea and the rest of our world.

Pumping the pedals on my bike,

I pondered about the sight I had just seen.

With a smile on my face and in my heart,

only one thought came to mind:

God’s grace works in many ways.

Watercolor Paintings
Gabrielle Metzner, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Christina Elwer


You are truly beautiful

A masterpiece every new day

Your crying brings life to the earth

A raindrop still simple in every way

You have an ever-changing face

A wonder and awe that overwhelms me

The look of watercolor paintings engulfs my mind

A magnificent spectacle that I see

Your starry nights that shine so bright

Little puffs of cotton that float above my head so light

Through Someone Else's Eyes
Samantha Patricia Giambruno-Fuge
Sponsoring Teacher:


Aye what up the name is Samantha

Im a girl in the tenth grade yo this is my anthem


Spendin all my time in the shady part of town

People haten on me sayin she gets around


But hangin with the hood boys and gang bangers

I learn to live my life full not sit like a hanger


They help me see past my face

They show me its not about race


I help them see past the stereotypes

Help them see that drugs and that stuff aint worth all the hype


The drama that surrounds them and now me

We all gotta work together you see


We blame them and they blame us

Whatever happened to I have a dream man its become a total bust


We gotta bring back the dream cuz it dont gotta be gone

We gotta get it back, join together son


Step out of the cliques and join me now

Im the first one, but there is no need to take a bow


Practice what you preach and be all you can be

Bring back his dream, yo thats it so peace

Junior/Senior Division
My Spirit’s Song
Brittany Ball, Spencerville
Sponsoring Teacher: Georgia McMichael


There’s something to be said

About the feeling of the wind on my face.

It’s something that cannot be spoken nor read

A pure, sensual feeling that makes my pulse race.

But there is something deep within

That makes my soul sing,

Something that’s deeper than love, deeper than sin.

My heart feels as if it has wings.

The feeling just makes me so calm

There’s nothing in the world like it

And just as with the rising of the dawn

I feel the refreshness course through my spirit

And soar with the feeling of song.

Witch’s Brew
Renee Klausing, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Pam Hanser


Her face is twisted into hate for you

Like a witch’s brew

Bubbling and scorching the cauldron

A boiling pot of fury and rage

You still don’t see it and you think she’s ok

You add more to the fire

Making the substance boil over

Sliding down the sides of the pot

Spewing on the floor

Is the mess enough for you yet?

Is the heat too much for you now?

Looking for the safety exit

Sorry, this room has no doors

The brew is seeping closer to you

Locking you into a corner

She’s overheated with rage

Melting your confidence and your schemes

Kristine M. Spyker, Perry
Sponsoring Teacher: Amy Lane



The silence before the symphony’s collective first breath,

The quiet, steady metronome ticking off each beat,

Then, slowly, it starts with the swelling strength of each note.

Can you feel it?



The trills of the flute and the clarinet’s full timbre,

            The slow introduction of the horns’ strong marcatos,

          The strings pull it all together with their deep vibratos.

Can you hear it?



The low brass pump out thick harmonies,

The bass and timpani create a backbone for the rest to follow,

Each musician reading and playing a part all its own,

Yet when together, they interpret a masterpiece.


Now stop. Picture this…

An orchestration of the greatest kind,

Life, as we know it,

Compared to a composer’s crowning jewel,

When God has the director’s baton

Can you see it?



The love, a constant in the background,

A metronome pushing us forward.

The joy, a quick, jubilant lift,

Interspersed throughout the monotony of long phrases.

The peace, an underlying merit,

The tranquility that follows several spirited glissandos.



The faith, emerging as the bond that holds it together,

The key to a perfectly executed performance,

An individual connection with the Director and each musician

The impeccable adherence of the performer to each marking on the score.



The indisputable ties between both matters.

The beauty of a spectacular exhibition,

The Director’s will being accomplished,

Success in life as we know it.



The final breath before the ending fermata,

The closing chord, perfectly euphoric,

The satisfaction of excellence settling in,

The Divine Director’s concluding bow.

Can you see it?

Sabrina Gorman, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Elaine Bradley

You are so human,

So easily broken,

Though you will heal again,

So strange,

I was once just like you,

In the ways that you bruise,

In the way your body moves,

I wish I knew you back then,

We could've lived together,

Died together,

Now we're lost in a lifetime of forever,

And the years go by so slow,

When you never grow old,

As I've learned long ago,

Eternity was no gift,

But a curse,

So far less than you're worth,

I should have left you alone,

Only without you the pain's so much worse,

I can't go back now,

You are mine forever,

My love,

As long we exist together on this Earth.

When Night Falls
Brittany Ball, Spencerville
Sponsoring Teacher: Georgia McMichael


Whispering calls

in the dark.

Night falls

feeling like a world apart.

A silent girl sits alone

a rocking chair creaks in the gloom.

Something intrudes on her world of stone

a  light piercing through her doom.

Amber eyes shine alight

reflecting in the fire.

Green clashes against amber in a fight

each waiting for the other to tire.

He knows she will not

be the same.

He knows he can’t stop

she just loves the game.

They are quite a pair

each stubborn to  an end.

But neither one of them dares

to break or to bend.

They live for the call

in the dark.

And when night falls

they can finally be a part

of one another.

Loose Bricks
Renee Klausing, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Pam Hanser


I’m the one that holds you up

Fortifies you and makes you strong

You’ll fall like a wall of loose bricks

When I decide not to be the leg you lean on

You’ll come crashing to the ground

And realize no one is there to stack you back up

Or fill in the cracks, like I have done

You’ll cry and scream and throw your legs about

Because you don’t have the strength to lift yourself up

Because you never took the time to build it up


The Storm
Alicia Harris, Spencerville
Sponsoring Teacher: Georgia McMichael


Sadness, misery, suffering, and woe

The storm of the dark, a dangerous foe

Swallowing hopes, dreams, and light

The depths of its anger, a frightening sight


The wind began howling, the rain caused a flood

The hills gave way to a torrent of mud

The thunder rumbled like a ravenous beast

Stalking its prey and planning its feast


The sky turned from black to a dangerous peach

The waves began pounding upon a silent beach

A funnel cloud began to appear

Children began cowering and shrieking in fear


The house began creaking and moaning in pain

Holding its own against the wind and the rain

The poor family huddled, frightened to death

The noise from outside nearly making them deaf


A frightening noise came from the sky

Causing the family to wonder why

Why it was their house the storm chose to assault

Demonic winds refusing to halt


With a violent jerk the roof flew up and away

Leaving the family helpless to their utter dismay

Rain fell upon them like a massive waterfall

Throwing them down with the force of its thrall


They gasped and they sputtered as they fought for their lives

The wind blew around them, cutting like knives

They ran for the shelter of the outside land

Only to find their futures looked bland


The horizon looked down from the now retreating storm

Their tears began falling, salty and warm

Their house lay demolished, torn and thrown about

So much destruction for such a short bout


They stood and just stared in shock and fear

Finally noticing the storm’s end was drawing near

They watched as the funnel slowly lost its form

The only survivors of the terrible storm


Cupid is Stupid
Alicia Harris, Spencerville
Sponsoring Teacher: Georgia McMichael


You become blind

You start losing your mind

It’s hard to unwind

Cupid is stupid


You think of his face

Of that one special place

How you’ve fallen from grace

Cupid is stupid


That face that haunts your dreams

His voice makes you scream

His kiss is your cream

Cupid is stupid


Friends say leave him be

But there’s no man for me

That could be as perfect as he

Cupid is stupid


Together for all time

With no reason no rhyme

Our love is a crime

Cupid is stupid

Love Bytes
Lorraine English, Spencerville
Sponsoring Teacher: Georgia McMichael


True love is hard to find today.

Meeting real people is such a chore.

You can go to eharmony.com,

And meet people who arent such a bore.


If that doesnt work, try myspace.

Beef up your profile, create a new you!

Pretend youre a model who makes millions each year.

If people are desperate, theyll believe it, its true!


Cupid.com is fun to use

When you want to meet people close to home.

Its better than going on one of those online games,

And meeting a guy who thinks hes a gnome.


What do I use, you say?

I dont go online

Because I dont have that Internet,

I live at home, with my favorite feline.

Walked All Over
Emily R. Stant, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Pam Hanser


Lying in front of the door

Which everyone uses

Filthy from so many crossers

Worn down from all of the abuse

All it ever did was welcome

With a cheerful look

Never asking for anything in return

Until now there was no saying no

But now the welcome is wearing off

The brightness fading and worn out

This welcome mat isn't going to last

It's been over used for too long

And walked over way too often

Hey Diddle Diddle
Alexandria Kennedy, Lima Central Catholic
Sponsoring Teacher: Joshua Vasquez


Hey diddle, diddle,

Mind in the middle.

Unmade, inconceivable, unmistaken.

A mere thought to the past

Smiles unveiled.

Sincerity so sincerely taken.

The weight of the world.

The weight of yourself.


Perfect harmony

Through eyes unscarred



Time can do wonders.

But wonders take times.

Diddle, diddle.

Wandering aimlessly

In this ill-fashioned middle.

Gangsta Nation
Lindsey Looser, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Pam Hanser


Come live with me and it will be fun,

My heart is saying you’re the one.

My music, my cars, and all my bling,

Will all be yours when you’re my king.


And we will sit and hear all day

The songs in which I made in May.

My record’s out and payday’s here.

Please be my beau and wealth is near.


My fans all love me, yes they do,

They chase me ‘round and so should you.

I’ll dress you in the finest clothes,

And let you hang out with your bros.


I can rap all day if you so wish,

Or cook my momma’s favorite dish.

My crib is huge and very fly,

Did I mention I make pie?


Grammy Awards are coming quick,

Come be my guest and we’ll look slick.

Red carpet, cameras, Ferraris and more,

You will want to thank me for.


Imma say this and that’s for sure,

I’ll take care of you and always be pure.

I rap and sing and dance for real,

Your heart is what I want to steal.

Idle Ways
Ryan Rodhe, Apollo Career Center
Sponsoring Teacher: Peggy Miller


Idle ways they go too far

Like a smile without a heart

In our thoughts that we forget

Kill our dreams we wish upon it

Synchronize a torture due

From senseless action that is used

God has given us a mind

To set us free, not to bind

Like a smile without a heart

Idle ways they go too far.


Lust and greed, they’ll destroy us

Like the dead we’ll turn to dust

We want and want, so naturally

No it’s not, tomfoolery

Strong and powerful a king begins

Weak and frail does his reign end

Even before us, they will fall

But continue on, pride tall

Like the dead we’ll turn to dust

Lust and greed, they’ll destroy us