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Hog Creek Review
Allen County High Schools 2010

Allen East star Apollo Career Center star Bath star Bluffton star Delphos Jefferson star Delphos St. John’s star Elida star Lima Central Catholic
Lima Senior star Perry star Shawnee star Spencerville star Temple Christian
Buckeye Creativity Award
2010 Buckeye Creativity Award Winners

Xavier Allen (Lima Central Catholic) is a senior and participates in football and track. He plans to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio and is majoring in Business Administration.
Megan Azzarello (Shawnee) is a freshman. She plans to attend The Ohio State University at Lima to receive a Bachelor’s degree in business.
Sheridan Balyeat (Shawnee) is a member of the girls’ golf team. She also enjoys dancing at Jeanne’s Dance Studio, and art. She plans to attend The Ohio State University, University of Kentucky, or Eastern Kentucky, and hopes to be able to play golf for her school.
Josh Bernardino (Bath) is a junior. His hobbies include playing guitar and soccer. He plans to attend The Ohio State University. He is inspired to write poetry by major events in his life.
Janina Bradshaw (Lima Central Catholic) is 16 years old and a sophomore. She plays varsity tennis and is a member of the choir, concert band, marching band, and pep band. She also enjoys participating in shows at the Encore Theater and is a member of the Lima Area Youth Orchestra.
Kaitlyn Bruns (Shawnee) is a junior. She enjoys photography, band, and other extracurricular activities. She is part of the Octagon Club, Ecology Club, Spanish Club, German Club, and SADD. She hopes to attend the University of Cincinnati and major in child psychology. Of her photography she says, “I was inspired by the simplicity of nature surrounding me and the experiences just waiting to be discovered.”
Alex Buersmeyer (Shawnee) is a member of the art club and the cross country team.  He also contributes to the art and literary magazine and the newspaper.  He hopes to attend Columbia College of Chicago or Columbus College of Art and Design. He is planning to major in advertising design and minor in photography. His artwork was inspired by society and different aspects of life.
Mandi Caskey (Shawnee) is passionate about her art. She plans to attend San Diego State University or Academy of Art University to major in art education. She draws inspiration from different events throughout her life.
Kirstie Clements (Shawnee) has taken many art courses throughout her high school career and enjoys doing anything related to art because she feels that it is an expression of herself and her emotions.
Taylor Cook (Lima Central Catholic) participates in football and DECA. He plans on attending Bowling Green State University and majoring in marketing.
Julia Dickman (Delphos St. John’s) is a sophomore. She participates in cross country, cheerleading, and track. She also plays the saxophone for marching band and the flute for concert band. She is in many organizations such as 4-H, Crespi society, SADD, and Republican Club. She hopes to graduate high school with honors and go to college and major in the medical field. The inspiration for her short story came from her imagination.
Lauren Diglia (Shawnee) plays soccer, runs track, enjoys snowboarding, and loves jumping on her Pogo Stick. She says that art interests her because it allows her creativity to run wild. She says the beginning idea for a project usually changes numerous times before becoming finalized, due to her scatterbrain tendencies.
Raquel Dominguez (Lima Central Catholic) is a sophomore. She enjoys playing soccer and competing on the speech team.
Olivia DuBois (Shawnee) has always had an interest in art but didn’t realize how much she loved it until recently. Even though she is going into the medical field, she plans on pursuing art throughout her life.
Logan Dulebohn (Shawnee) plays varsity volleyball and softball, but has always been interested in photography. She will be attending The School of Advertising Arts for Graphic Design. In each piece of art she created, she was inspired by her life and what’s important to her, in combination with some Japanese influences.
Nicole Fairburn (Shawnee) is a junior and a varsity cheerleader. Her hobbies include painting, coaching cheerleading and collecting various bottle caps. The world around her gave her the inspiration to write poetry.  Her plans include attending a local college to study in the fields of nutrition and English.
Alanah Glidewall is a senior at Delphos Jefferson. She is a huge fan of fiction, anime, and anthromorphic creatures. These sources helped inspire the creation of Gravity.
Ashley Goodridge (Lima Central Catholic) is a senior and plays tennis. She plans on attending Dayton University and majoring in communications.
Nathan Gordon (Lima Central Catholic)  is a senior and participates in the marching, concert, and pep bands. He also enjoys acting in his school and class musicals.
Morgan Greeley (Lima Central Catholic) is a sophomore and plays soccer and track.
Devan Guagenti (Lima Central Catholic) is a sophomore and enjoys dancing and reading.
Justin Hendershot (Shawnee) enjoys art, though he is fairly new to it.
DeLannie Hicks is a sophomore at Delphos Jefferson. She plans on attending OSU Lima next year as a post-secondary enrollment student. Her inspiration for “Do the Tears Dry my Skin” was a difficult new year, the loss of someone special to her, and her experience taking of taking care of a family she loves dearly.
Nicholaus Hribar (Lima Central Catholic) is a senior and is involved in many theater productions at his high school, including musicals and non musicals. He plans attend a theater school where he will major in acting and filmmaking. He enjoys using a camera to capture both the physical aspects of a photo as well as the emotions that are included with it.
Jason Hutchison (Bath) enjoys quality time with his family and reports that he keeps his friends close and his enemies closer. His poem, “614z Finest (Ronnie Biegler Tribute),” is a tribute to a friend who was killed in Columbus on September 15th 2009.
Jeremy Jett (Bath) is active in many extracurricular activities such as quiz bowl, tennis, and swimming. He hopes to attend The Ohio State University for pre-med and eventually study medicine at Emory University. He was inspired to write “A Life of Work” his freshman year after reading about great people whose entire life’s work did not supply them with what they had always dreamed.
Kyle Klausing (Delphos St. John’s) is in Boy Scouts and enjoys building things. He hopes to attend The Ohio State University in a couple of years but is not sure about his plans for a major. He was inspired to write “Working as a Team” when he was airsofting with some friends.
Amanda Kuhlman (Shawnee) is on the varsity cross country and track team. She loves musical theatre and performing on stage. Her hobbies include singing, reading, writing, acting, running, and hanging out with friends.
Nick Magoteaux (Shawnee) is active in all types of art and music.  He is the vocalist for an acoustic Indie band.  He plans to attend Bowling Green State University for an art education major.  Nick was inspired to write this poem in history class when he zoned out on some branches outside the window.
Sarah Mayer (Shawnee) is a sophomore who participates in a number of clubs, such as Spanish, drama, and leadership.  She is involved in her community through volunteer work.  Sarah enjoys writing poetry in her spare time as an artistic outlet.  The works she submitted were compiled over the last four years.
Corinne Metzger (Delphos Jefferson) is on the freshman class executive committee, and she runs track.  She is also in FCCLA, FCA, and SADD.  After she graduates, Corinne plans to go to The Ohio State University and major in writing.
Mary Mierzejewski (Lima Central Catholic) is a senior.  She was on the swim team for three years, flag team for four years, and French dance for three years.  Mary is active in a variety of clubs where she enjoys socializing with many different people.
Shelby Moeller (Spencerville) has hobbies that include FFA, photography, modeling, working at Applebee’s, and spending time with her friends and family.  She hasn’t looked at many schools yet, but she has looked into and is interested in attending The Ohio State University.  She would like to major in photography.  Shelby was inspired to take her pictures while visiting Spain last summer on a school trip, and when she was in Canada on a family vacation.  She has always enjoyed making collages.
Brittany Mooney (Lima Central Catholic) plays volleyball and enjoys writing short stories.  She wrote “Over The Edge” one summer when bored.  This year in her creative writing class, Brittany added to the story.
Jordan Murphy (Bath) enjoys playing, recording, and listening to music.  He plans to go to college for Computer Engineering.  Jordan is inspired by nature, the human mind, and music.
Andrew Neidhardt (Lima Central Catholic) is a senior.  He plans to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio with a major in automotive technology.
Anita Owsley (Bath) spends her spare time playing Farmville on Facebook and enjoying her friends and family.  Next year she plans on attending Apollo Career Center in order to become a licensed cosmetologist.   After receiving a license in cosmetology, she plans to go to college.  However, she is still unsure which area of study she wants to explore.  Her art teacher’s encouragement is what inspired her.  While Anita worked on her scratch art, her art teacher encouraged her to create something unique or to design an animal of her own.  Anita did, in fact, create an animal of her own – one that resembled a dragon and an elephant.  She decided to title her piece of work “Elegon.”
Rachel Painter (Bath) is a freshman.  She plays volleyball, but she mostly loves the arts.  She loves to sing, draw, act, write, and design.  She is from Minnesota and has always wanted to go to the University of Minnesota, but she is undecided on an area of study.  Her poem, “My Heart Is A China Doll,” was inspired by people in her life who always build her up when she tears herself apart.
 Adrienne Pohl (Shawnee) enjoys playing sports and spending time with family and friends. Her poem had lots of inspirations, but she mainly wrote it as the thoughts came.
Lindsy Reindel (Delphos St. John’s) is involved in varsity volleyball and basketball, National Honor Society, Yearbook staff, and Student Council.  As a part of the Yearbook staff, she enjoys directing the art aspects and coming up with new ideas.  She thoroughly enjoys taking pictures, drawing, and doing other art projects in her free time.  She plans on pursuing a degree that includes a mix of business and visual arts.  She is very stimulated by visual components in her life.  She was inspired to take these pictures when she recently traveled to Michigan on a family vacation.  The photos she captured display the beauty she saw – even in the smallest things.  She also says that her photos help her to bring back the memories she made while she was there.
Mandy Rhoad (Temple Christian) is a freshman.  She has many interests and is not ready to settle for any one thing.  As a freshman, she feels that she has a lot of directions to grow.
Madison Risser (Shawnee) really likes art. She would like to major in the dental field but will always keep art as a hobby. She believes that art is wonderful because it can change a person’s mood and it gives them something to think about.  Through her photography, she is able to express herself.
Annie Roof (Shawnee) enjoys drawing and using different shading techniques to get her art the way she wants it to look.  She plans on attending college to major in business and/or art design.  She was inspired to draw by waking up every morning to all of the beautiful graphite drawings in her room.
Alex Sciranka (Shawnee) enjoys playing tennis in his spare time and spending time with his family and friends.  He aspires to attend Yale University where he intends to major in psychology or historical studies.  He was inspired to write this composition by the stories his father told him about his grandmother.
Victoria Shaw (Shawnee) loves to write.  Of her writing, she says, “It’s my hobby, my escape, and my life.”  She doesn’t know yet where she will attend college, but she does know that English will be a major part of her career.
Linzie Stroud (Shawnee) will attend Bowling Green State University and majoring in graphic design.  Most of her artwork is inspired by friends and her art teacher.
Jordan Vaughn (Elida) enjoys traveling, reading, and writing.  She plans to major in psychology and criminology.  Her story is inspired by a serious crisis affecting many teens across the nation.
Elise Wiechart (Lima Central Catholic) is a sophomore who loves to go horseback riding and to play golf.
Darla Wieging (Bath) plays the tuba in the Bath marching, pep, concert and jazz bands.  She has not decided where she will attend college.  Most of her poems have been written about her past experiences.
Hilary Wilson (Shawnee) plays the piano and takes dance classes, entering competitions for both.  She also swims for the school swim team.  She plans to major in art education.  All of her works were inspired by great artists.
Kaitlin Wrasman (Delphos St. John’s) plays on the girls’ varsity soccer team.  She loves reading and creating art.  After high school, she plans to attend college for a degree in a mathematical and/or an art related field.  To write her story, she thought of her favorite place, the lake, and then she let her imagination take over.
Kayla Wrasman (Delphos St. John’s) has been very involved in varsity soccer, FFA, 4-H, National Honor Society, and Crespi Society throughout high school.  She loves to read and write.  In the fall, she plans to major in pre-med at the University of Toledo or Miami University.  She was inspired to write this story by her grandpa, who passed away from cancer two years ago.
Kathleen Wreede (Delphos St. John’s) is a member of Scholastic Bowl, choir, and the Junior Optimist club.  She likes to write poems.  She hopes to attend college for a theater major with a minor in music or art.  She was inspired to write this because of a tune she heard while walking from church.
Rileigh Zickafoose (Lima Central Catholic) is a sophomore who enjoys dancing and cheerleading.