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Hog Creek Review
Allen County High Schools 2010

Allen East star Apollo Career Center star Bath star Bluffton star Delphos Jefferson star Delphos St. John's star Elida star Lima Central Catholic
Lima Senior star Perry star Shawnee star Spencerville star Temple Christian
Freshman/Sophomore Division
Do the Tears Dry My Skin
DeLannie Hicks, Delphos Jefferson
Sponsoring Teacher: Christine Siebeneck

Do you see the salt streaks on my cheeks?
They feel like stones, heavy.
As they settle on my tongue.
The bulge of the stones.
Hard in my belly.
It’s not bitter, not sweet
I hate the words that I can not say.
Why do you not leak worth for me?
I take every emotion from your limbs.
And suck them into my own appendages.
Just for one exhausted reason:
I would catch the drips from your pores for a taste of affection.
Tender Haunting
Adrienne Pohl, Shawnee
Sponsoring Teacher: Heather Shatto

We lay in the dirt, artillery pointed at each other.
Shells explode around me—what was I thinking?
In over my head, chills flood in waves on my skin,
I swim for the shore, desperation clinging to sand before your tide pulls me out again.
Your love surrounds me, my mind rebels the thought.
My heart and legs I cannot speak for.
Your smile a dagger; powerful hunger roars its victory in lush blue windows, your eyes.
I will not be dragged, kicking and screaming to the finish line.
Retreat, blisteringly raw throat tells my troops.
Oh, what did I get myself into?
Scrambling, I reach for that shrill silver sound, a cry for help.
Barbed wire offers no protection.
Solace betrayed by fingers unwilling to pull the trigger.
Last chance, girl, get up and run in these parting seconds.
Save yourself: from him, love, violence, insecurity, regret.
The trench collapses, battle ends with a loss— I’ve been caught.
Your dark eyes gleam viciously, victoriously.
Skin seductive, arms once protection now hold me down.
Too strong for my resistance, the ordeal begins with your malevolent cackle.
Luckily, my ears rush so I may not hear the silence.
Terrified, mortified, ashamed, I hang my head.
A disappointment, this perfect girl faces her first failure.
To her mother, sister, father, cousins, best friend; to you,
I can’t face you again,
Any of you,
I am a horror.
Shame will never release its strangling grip.
Shame laughs in my face—he’ll not release or tighten, only cause the highest pain.
I don’t know what hurts the most.
Squeeze my eyes shut, determined—you are not worthy
Of my tears, my love.
The prize has been savagely taken.
Mistake fatal, I was not born a fighter.
The moon cries, stars fall at the sight.
They warned me, tried to stop it.
I said “no”
Too early and too late.
The weight lifts, but no relief will ever come—I think I still love you.
My Heart Is A China Doll
Rachel Painter, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Mike Steidl

My heart is a China Doll,
A trip to make a fall,
Creates a crack, Seen by all.
My heart is a China Doll,
A clock, a mirror, a mouth,
Which one causes
A trip to make a fall?
My heart is a China Doll,
A cracked heart makes for a cracked part,
With no beat to keep,
A waltz’s sudden leap.
My heart is a China Doll,
An angry child throws,
A doll who has suffered,
A fall’s too many blows.
My heart is a China Doll,
Before a tear from a glass eye,
Can hit the glass floors,
A hand builds the doll up again,
And the caring hand is yours.
I Am
Rileigh Zickafoose, Lima Central Catholic
Sponsoring Teacher: Tricia May

I am
Yoko Sasaki
Walking down the street
The hot blistering sun
Beating down on my head
I am thinking
What I am going to say
To my father
I hate him
I need to tell him
What is on my mind
There is no way he can control me
Any longer
He can’t send me away
“These are difficult times for us,”
He said
With not one care in the world
What I want
I don’t want to leave
My friends
My school
My home
In the blink of an eye
An explosion
I collapse
I don’t know what’s happening
All I see is
I stare up in the sky
As the mushroom fades
And the black rain falls
And now my mortal body
One with the ground
Lays in ashes
No one knowing
Who I am
I always wondered
What Heaven felt like
Now I know
I feel like a feather
No gravity
I always knew there was someone
Up here
But not quite who
God is here
And He knows
Who I am
My name
Yoko Sasaki
Fairytales and Flowers
Anita Owsley, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Char Ellington

What a likely combination, fairytales and flowers are your mind’s domination.
You walk around outside and check your mail.
White clouds above your head, green grass beneath your feet
You walk inside your house and close the door;
blocking out the rest of the world.
Once inside you feel secure.
Rainbows on the wall, some soothing music down the hall.
You turn on the news and reality isn’t shut out anymore.
Those clouds above your head turn gray
as the grass beneath your feet dies away.
And as the soothing music ends,
the dimensions of your reality bend.
Flowers wilt
Fairytales leave you feeling guilt.
Your eyes now open to the darkness, encourage you to run for cover and hide.
You walk inside your house and close the door;
leaving out the rest of the world.
The Two Way Path
Isaac Altenburger, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Chrissy Elwer

As I walk through the woods into the darkness,
I hear twigs and leaves crumbling about me.
I can’t quite tell what is within the reach of my life,
I know there is shelter if I can get through the strife.
It seems all things here I fear,
Only faint whispers and utterings do I hear.
I need to turn back, as I know darkness will soon make its cover black.
I know my way out, but I don’t know my way forward.
As I search for an answer from up above,
I take the right path because it is weathered and worn.
As I look up I see the claws,
I know now this is my final fall.
I see the teeth through a hopeless glare,
I know I have chosen the wrong path now.
As I look closer at the worn path,
All I see are the hallowed Spirits of foolish men.
In that lonely forest I see all paths now, if only from above.
I see a young girl stressing and straining, her strength waning.
She is lost now in that same dark woods,
Two paths to choose, but only one good.
Confusion and despair fill her thoughts,
Follow the crowd, or believe in what was taught?
I see her go left on the less traveled path,
I know now that that sad little girl has returned with confidence,
Because she now knows that being different is alright.
Sarah Mayer, Shawnee
Sponsoring Teacher: Stacey Rivera

A rock has it easy:
No worries,
No needs,
No life.
Well, unless a chicken eats it,
Or a bird takes it for its nest.
Or it gets too cold,
Or worse too hot.
Or kicked.
Maybe even degraded with googley eyes
Glued onto its cold surface.
Then again, it could become a pet rock.
Loved for years,
Until forgotten.
Lost under the bed for years.
Then found.
Only to be thrown back outside.

The Kiss
Darla Wieging, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Mike Steidl

I sit down slowly.
He sits also, but to my right.
We look at one another's eyes.
I smile, then cover my face.
He just makes me go crazy.
He puts his arm around me.
I tense up,
and look at him once again.
He notices the sudden jolt of my muscles,
and asks if I'm okay.
I know that I'm fine,
It's just...
He makes my insides fly,
and leaves me speechless.
Just a thought here...
But what would happen,
If I just happened to kiss him.
Would he kiss back?
Would he move away?
Would he scream at me
and be angry?
Does he want to kiss me?
Does he truly love me
or does he like me?
I look at him,
and I swear, his eyes shine.
It's now or never.
I lean in timidly.
He sees me leaning in.
Oh my... This is amazing,
My lips reach his as if
they belong there.
My face gets hot with a blush.
We're still kissing.
His lips are so soft.
Both of our eyes are closed.
This moment is perfect.
I never want it to end.
In his arms...
Kissing him...
Being the thing on his mind...
He pulls away slowly,
and says, "I love you."
614z Finest (Ronnie Biegler Tribute)
Jason Hutchison, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Bill Bartram

On Top of the Hill,
Without any warning,
Broke out a melee,
In the middle of Warren,
614’z Finest,
Center of swarm,
Brick in his palm,
The rumble is going,
The fight was a flurry,
And grew like a fire,
Visions were blurry,
As the tension grew higher,
The man with the van,
Went under his seat,
Then back out he came,
With a hand full of heat,
The world kept turning,
As he let off six rounds,
Quarto caught Ronnie,
…The Finest was down,
Critical condition,
For briefly a day,
Before Jesus returned,
And took him away,
With eyes full of vengeance,
So many reasons to pray,
Say my piece to both families, and friends of both parties,
“I’m Sorry.”
All we can do is continue today.

Ronnie B.
9/15/09 (DOD)

Splendid Seasons
Kelsey Britt, Delphos St. John’s
Sponsoring Teacher: Chrissy Elwer

Nature awakens and comes back to life,
An abundance of rain is delivered.
Buds on bare branches start to appear,
Grass turns green and flowers peek from the ground.
Spring is finally here!
Hot, sultry temperatures are now moving in,
The aroma of fresh cut grass.
Fragrant flowers are bright and everywhere,
Vacations and barbecues with family and friends.
Summer is in the air!
Leaves turn bold colors before falling to the ground,
The smell of dried corn stalks and fresh apple cider.
Cool, crisp air is swirling around you,
Geese honk their good-byes as they fly south.
Autumn is now breezing through!
Bitter cold temperatures and shortened days,
Soft white snowflakes melt on your tongue.
Ice covered trees show true beauty but warn of danger,
Snowmen and snow days and drinking hot chocolate.
This winter whipping through is no stranger!
The Battlefield; A Story of a Civil War Nurse
Devan Guagenti, Lima Central Catholic
Sponsoring Teacher: Tricia May

Soldiers creating death.
Soldiers embracing death.
Soldiers begging death.
And I? Trying to cease death.
Visions of it.
The ground turns crimson from the blood.
Men drag themselves along
Attempting to escape in desperation.
Supporting friends who are injured
Trying to ignore their own fatal injuries.
Soldiers crumple all around me.
Some dead upon hitting the ground
Others wishing they were.
Smoke rises from the horizon.
A flag waves in the wind
It’s the reason why these men are dying.
Soldiers frantically search for more ammo to reload their guns.
They take ammo off of their dead friends.
Some even point their own guns to their heads
Their pain is gone now.
The sound of guns firing and canons blasting echo in my ears.
The tormenting cries of soldiers who are dying
Or realizing their friend is dead.
Horses neighing in panic as their riders are knocked off the saddle.
Orders being barked in every direction
Trying to find the ears of anyone who will listen.
The sound of a bullet making contact with flesh
Or the snapping of a bone.
Praying over the dead and dying.
The reality of what’s around me sets in.
The smell alone wants to make me vomit.
Before I never thought blood or death had a smell.
I was wrong.
It burns your nose and makes your eyes water
Makes the stomach so queasy you can barely stand it.
That too has a smell.
The stench of gunpowder hits my nose.
Sweat of the men desperate to survive.
I try to block out the lingering scent of death.
I can’t.
I try to make my mind go numb as I tend to the wounded.
Men are crying out of pain
Hopefully the medicine helps.
Some come to me with just scrapes and cuts.
Others I have to go to.
They no longer have legs or arms.
I know I can save some.
Beyond hope to live.
I make splints for broken arms, legs, feet, hands.
Wrap up wounds.
Some cases are so drastic we have to amputate right then and there.
A few weren’t so lucky
We ran out of opium.
I frantically search for the fatally injured to treat them first.
The worst part is the soldiers that I can’t help.
To hear them begging for me.
To ease the pain.
To tell their family.
I do all that I can.
Tell them the pain will be over soon.
Offer hope
That they will finally be at peace.
Sometimes though
It’s just not enough.
But I do what I can.
Call of Duty
Morgan Greeley, Lima Central Catholic
Sponsoring Teacher: Tricia May

The Call of duty
Pulls me from sleep.
1:07 AM
I pull my shirt on
Over my head.
Catch my balance
On the smooth bed frame.
I feel the faint burn
The fire pole has left
On my hands.
The trucks roar to life
As I feel an icy breeze roll
Through the rickety garage doors.
The weight of my gear
Tugs at my shoulders.
I pull myself in
As the sirens scream.
A glimpse
Of the garage doors
Slowly closing behind us.
The few cars out this late
Pull respectfully off,
All to the right.


A woman screams
“Someone’s inside,
Please Help her!”
I still remember
Just how beautiful
The blaze appeared
That dark winter night.
I look away,
Alex is running hose lines
To the nearest hydrant.
I hear the slicing of an axe,
Straight through the front door.
I hurry toward it,
My crew follows me,
As I am Lieutenant.
Alex, James, Mike,
And myself
Take this hose line.
I peer through
The smoke and heat,
Stairs are on the left.
Chandelier, large mirror
Front desk, grand piano.
Must’ve been beautiful.
I pant as we run
Two flights to the top,
Final floor: floor three.
“Woman in room 3F,”
Running through my head.
Radio: “We can see her
From the window boys.”
Heading forward
Now with a quicker pace.
3A, 3B, 3C.
On the wall is something red,
A fire extinguisher.
I smirk
As the flames lick my helmet.
The wallpaper is now gone.
Snake-like glue designs
Dance in the heat.
3D, 3E.
I suck in breaths
Through my oxygen mask
As the temperature rises.
“Mrs. Santana!
It’s the fire department,
We’re coming in!”
No response.
Radio: “She fell back in the room
From the smoke!
No Visual.”
Wooden splinters made by my boot
As I kick in the door.
We search the smoke,
around the room.
She lay
left of the window,
I pick her up,
And share a few breaths
From my oxygen mask.
Before I realize,
I’m met by EMT’s
At the bottom of the stairs.
I grab my water
Just as chief Wilson calls out
That the building is unsafe.
I feel the reward
Oh helping save a life,
As the ambulance pulls away.
Mrs. Santana
In the midst of
Clean white sheets
And blinding fluorescent lights.
Second alarm is called.
They will watch
As it safely burns
To the ground.


We pull through
The back of the garage,
To put the truck to rest.
The crew drains
and hangs the lines.
I shower.
Dress in dry clothes.
5:53 AM.
7:02 AM.
Shift’s over.
Junior/Senior Division
Dear Winter, You Are Plagues
Nick Magoteaux, Shawnee
Sponsoring Teacher: Merrit Hager

I was at the onset of inspiration
And your cold white graced my feet
You are a backdrop of sallow murder
Dear winter, you are plagues
You were the most ruthless of all artists
Painting my world null
Distracted by feigned submission
My sentinel ignored his call
A castle of steady foil
You collapsed in reluctant manner
A tired resistance that yielded distance
No more than a dismal clamor
Overcome by sensual suggestion
I crept into your arms
Your touch sent sunders
So far under
This reunion was deemed a crime
It took contents of confidence
To validate this lie
Summer you are dearest
Your spring will help me thaw
And uproot my frozen anchors
In the colors of the fall
I am guilty of perfection
But flawless I am not
Caressed by fear
I crave far from here
You are the warmth that I sought
I was at the onset of inspiration
Right when I closed my eyes
You mantled my cold shoulders
And colored me alive
Soaked in a Tune
Jordan Murphy, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Elaine Bradley

Vibrate and ring in an elliptical motion
An ocean of sounds in my ear
Yet each note clear
Resonance and tone felt in my bones
Pick held with pointer and thumb
Fingertips rough and numb
Hammer and pull a melody of soul
Escaping from the hole
Above, I strum
Together a song so warm and raw
A storm of emotion evoked by rhythm
Rocked by the waves
Soaked in a tune
Untold dreams
Nicole Fairburn, Shawnee
Sponsoring Teacher: Mark Decker

That silent photograph sleeping on the wall, I just hung it there today
It awakens and stretches its power  embracing the room
But the power –    it’s serene    it’s peaceful
The picture black and white  until the skies bleed
The trees –  they reach out and kidnap your very soul
Their rugged wood trimmings capture you   and
Place you ever so gently on its grounds
But what overpowers the whole scene
Is the wood, hand-made fence that befriends any eye
Which must catch a glimpse
Of what it actually means
The wooden post strung together ever so thoughtfully
Will lead you down life’s path
Your life scenes flash before your eyes
As the skies keep watch over you curiously
Keep a trot and you will find
The man at the end with a wide grin on his wrinkled face
His presence is familiar and his warmth justified
You suddenly realize
He has been by your side the whole journey through
Fallen Soldier
Josh Bernardino, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Elaine Bradley

Standing in the cold dark world
With nothing to gain and nothing to lose
Frozen in the moment, burning in pain
Broken and lonely but I don’t care
If these are my last few words
I want you to listen, listen closely
I don’t want love, I don’t want anything
Leave me alone with my broken wings
I stand alone and walk alone
I've lost everybody I have ever known
This world is getting so much colder
And I'm nothing but a fallen soldier
Silence surrounds me now
Dreams are shattered, hope is gone
Pain and sorrow got the best of me
Oh how I’m losing it, losing it
If these are my last few words
I want you to listen, listen closely
I don’t want love, I don’t want anything
Leave me alone with my broken wings
I stand alone and walk alone
I've lost everybody I have ever known
This world is getting so much colder
And I'm nothing but a fallen soldier
I’m lost and shattered to pieces
Can somebody find me and save me?
I need a hero to help me now
'Cause I don’t know what to do
I don’t know where to go
I can’t go on anymore
I don’t want love, I don’t want anything
Leave me alone with my broken wings
I stand alone and walk alone
I've lost everybody I have ever known
Maybe someday I'll fly again and try again
A new beginning I will begin
But right now I'm only getting older
'Cause I'm nothing but a fallen soldier
It starts with an A
Alanah Glidewall, Delphos Jefferson
Sponsoring Teacher: Christine Siebeneck

It starts with an ‘A’
It does not start with ‘E’
That’s what I say
Don’t misinterpret me
All of my life
I’ve had to go through this
Just a huge strife
That just seems like a diss
Elana, Alahnah,
And there are Ulanah’s too
All of this ignorance
And I don’t know what to do
Next is an ‘L’
It comes right after ‘K’
Don’t have to tell
You that though, anyway
‘A’ after that
And then you add an ‘N’
‘A’ ‘H’. That’s that
There’s no more followin
Elana, Alahnah,
And there are Ulanah’s too
All of this ignorance
And I don’t know what to do
Why can’t you see?
That that’s not what you say
There is no ‘E’
It just starts with an ‘A’
A Life of Work
Jeremy Jett, Bath
Sponsoring Teacher: Elaine Bradley

There once was a man
About twenty or so
Who found a Moaian type stone
And wanted to go
Build a statue
That Modeled his life
Including emotions:
His pain and his strife
He Planned all his Plans
He Dreamt all his Dreams
His Colossus of Rhodes
Ideas to the seams
Bigger than the Gardens
When he removed the veil
The World’s greatest creation
Greater than the Wheel
He Worked on his Work
He Worked all the Time
Dawn to Dusk, Dusk to Dawn
Lost in Dreams, Lost in Rhyme
He couldn’t be stopped
He couldn’t be moved
His Passion for Fame
Could never be soothed
His Work was Done
Near the End of his days
They all had to listen
To what he had to say
He gathered all people
To show them his bust
All that lay in his hand
Was a pile of dust

Sawdust Gasoline and Oranges
Nicole Fairburn, Shawnee
Sponsoring Teacher: Mark Decker

Be colorful like the birds
Like sweet jam in a glass jar
Free like the branches of the willow tree
Alive with a smile on the face of new lovers
A heart on fire
A tongue of circles and squares that tug on beautiful beating heartstrings
Sawdust, gasoline and oranges
Scent leads life for awe and flinch
Stimulating mind waves   brain cells
And priceless memories

                                                                                                                                    Movement      Motion

Saliva bubbles
Sit here with strands of hairs in front of my blues
Lids set before them with a neighboring field of golden corndeath

I am what I am
Amanda Kuhlman, Shawnee
Sponsoring Teacher: Mark Decker

I am what I am and I do not know who I am.
I am growing. I am changing, confused. I am what I am.
I am a girl, an adolescent child striving to be wise, but one who feels far older in mind
than in body, jokingly called mom by friends and mistakenly by a little brother. But I am
young, immature. I am old. I am still confused. I am what I am.
I am shy around those I do not know, terrified and uncomfortable with communicating
with strangers. I am rambunctious around my friends, constantly talking, laughing, living.
I am what I am.
I am confident but my deepest fear is failure.
I am simply defined and stereotyped.
I am more than meets the eye.
I am honest and I am a hypocrite.
I am contradicting.
I am what I am.
I am a singer, confident in myself and my abilities. I am an actress, an artist of others’
emotions and of my own. I am a runner, running through every second of life with an
unrepressed passion and inextinguishable drive. I am a reader, living through the
characters of fictional books. I am a writer, a dreamer of distant lands and fantastical
people. I am a believer in love, in myself, and in others. I am a devout believer in my
God. I am what I am.
I am a friend, a sister, a daughter, a teammate, a student. I am living and I am happy.
I am what I am.