Craig Adkins is an English major and Theatre minor at OSU-Lima.  He holds degrees as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant from Lima Technical College.  He has been awarded the Arbuckle Award three times and has also published numerous articles as a writer with The Delphos Herald.  When asked about his inspirations for his work, Craig had the following to say: “I have always been a huge fan of the horror genre, but there really hasn’t been anything profoundly frightening to hit the press or the screen in the last twenty to twenty-five years.  I’m out to change all that.”

David Ames is a senior English major at OSU-Lima who composes a great deal of music and poetry.  David also spends much of his time finishing up his first novel and playing for the band The Fifth Columnist (http://www.myspace.com/thefifthcolumnist ).  Future plans include marrying Brenda Honigford this summer and continuing work on various artistic endeavors.

Renee Arnold lives in Minster, Ohio.  She has an undergraduate degree from Miami University in Marketing and went back to college at The Ohio State University at Lima to obtain a degree in English.  She plans to go to graduate school and to get an MFA in creative writing.  She would love to get a Ph.D. in English Literature as well.   She says she has been greatly inspired by the professors at OSU-Lima who know how to get the best out of their students.  She also reports that many of her professors have taught her the value of revision and how fun and rewarding the process can be.

Kyle Blackston, who also writes under the pen name of Edvard Blaquestone, is a student at OSU-Lima. Somewhat of an explorer, active and curious, he has done everything from "crocheting a scarf to forging a pirate's hook." His interests include writing short stories and poetry and exploring crafts such as textile arts and blacksmithing.

Tammy Boggs is an education major at OSU-Lima and is very interested in the education of young students.  Despite having a very active daughter (5), she still finds time to volunteer at a local preschool.  Tammy wrote “Pretending Punks” for a class which addressed the themes of conformity and rebellion.

Erin Campbell is a student at The Ohio State University at Lima.  Her poems were inspired by the 2005 remake of King Kong.  She was inspired by the extreme visuals and “became fascinated with the idea that, by looking at the exact same scenario from different attitudes, there can be a synergistic effect on actual comprehension of that situation.”

Bethany Contini says she has ten fingers, ten toes and is a female with optimistic views.  Her life goal has always been to write, except for the brief years of childhood when she says she had hopes of driving a bus.  She is an English major and down the road wants to write creatively.  She reports that this piece was written as a response to one of her earliest memories, and the particular incident is just one of many confrontations with the thief she describes in the work.  

Phil Hesseling currently resides in Elida, Ohio with his wife and three children.  He has been a lifelong member of the community, and he will begin teaching 9th grade physical science next school year (2007-2008) at the Elida High School.

Lexie Jamison (formerly Drain) is a graduate of OSU-Lima in June 2002 with a B.A. in English.  Later, she completed the requirements for a teaching license at Bluffton University.  She currently teaches 11th grade English and Read 180 at Lima Senior High Progressive Academy.  This poem was inspired from an assignment given to her students: parody Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”  Her husband and she currently reside in Lima.

Sarah McCaslin is a sophomore Journalism major with a minor in English.  She hopes to write for a major newspaper in the future.  In her spare time, Sarah enjoys music, writing, art, concerts, and spending time in nature.  "Lone Tree" was inspired by childhood kickball games in her neighborhood and feeling out of place because she was the only girl there.  "Breathing Test" was a scenario that she compiled from parts of her own life and the lives of people to whom she is close.

Shari Merricle is currently a senior at The Ohio State University at Lima, studying Psychology.  She is unsure about where her life will take her next, which inspired her poem “The Maple Leaf.”  Her other poem, “The Big, Small People” was inspired by the irritation with the constant busy lives that we often lead and how we should take time for ourselves and enjoy nature.

Katie SinclairKatie Sinclair was born in Ft. Worth, Texas where, she reports, she hung out for eleven days until her adoptive parents came to pick her up.  She spent most of her growing years in St. Louis, Missouri.  She took a lot of time to party and “find herself,” she reports; then she finally found something to ground her.  She is studying to become a Naturopath and is living with a man who takes genuine, loving care of her.  Life is good and could only be made better, she writes, if she could get a dog!

Jered Slusher is a sophomore English major at OSU-Lima.  His hobbies include writing short stories, acting in plays, studying film, and watching professional wrestling. Although he has a preference for writing absurdist short stories, Jered also writes poetry and creative non-fiction in his spare time.

Nellie SmithNellie Smith is a junior English major at OSU-Lima.  When she's not traveling to an interesting destination, tutoring at the Writing Center, playing one of her musical instruments, or working on a campus theatre production, she enjoys dabbling in various writing endeavors.  She loves to read—and draw inspiration from—writers with wonderfully uncontained imaginations, such as C.S. Lewis, Wendell Berry, Madeleine L'Engle, Alfred Tennyson, Charles Williams, and Leif Enger.