Craig Adkins is an English major and Theatre minor at OSU-Lima. He holds degrees as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant from Lima Technical College. He has been awarded the Arbuckle Award four times and has also published numerous articles as a writer with The Delphos Herald. When asked about his inspirations for his work, Craig had the following to say: “I have always been a huge fan of the horror genre, but there really hasn’t been anything profoundly frightening to hit the press or the screen in the last twenty to twenty-five years. I’m out to change all that.”

Katie Behnke was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1987. She attributes her love of words to her father, who sat her on his lap and taught her to read at an early age. She fills journals, napkins, old boxes and class notes with her prose–ever desiring to pen significance.

Bethany Contini envisions her daily life sitting around a burnished oval desk with a group of creative minds, brainstorming and developing the “best ideas yet.” She states that she envisions her night life as being a little different, hopefully.

Paige Doepker is currently pursuing a degree in radiology. When she’s not writing or working as an English tutor in the Writing Center, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, listening to music, and working out.

Geoff DouteGeoff Doute  is an English major as well as soon-to-be graduate this spring. During his time at the Lima Campus, Geoff has been involved with many activities including: President, The OSU at Lima Student Senate; Student Representative, The OSU at Lima Board of Trustees; Founding Member, The Worthington Society; Student Editor, The Hog Creek Review 2008; and many others. Although Geoff has been associated with many campus activities, he says that his one of his most fulfilling times on campus was working with Dr. David Adams as a student researcher focusing on language usage in Shakespeare's Richard the Second. After graduation Geoff plans on moving to Los Angeles in order to attend law school at Loyola Marymount University.

Victoria GonzalezVictoria Gonzalez is a third year English major at OSU Lima. She is active in student senate and the Worthington Society, and also served as an assistant editor for the high school edition of the Hog Creek Review. When she’s not working at Wal-Mart or the Heath Learning Center, she enjoys writing, reading, photography, dance, and spending time with her family and her two dogs. She was inspired to further develop her writing talents by Mrs. Barbra Flynn, Ms. Jackie Key, and Beth and Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, and has aspirations of someday writing a creative novel.

Jessy HeinemeierJessy Heinemeier got her first camera when she was eight years old and has been taking pictures alongside her dad ever since. Living in St. Croix, Mississippi, Illinois, and Ohio has given her varied and contrasting experiences, which have helped her work show the beauty in everyday objects and activities. Jessy has shown her work in the Allen County Fair, Artspace/Lima and the Findlay Art League galleries, and is the current co-vice president of the Artspace/Lima Photography Club. She enjoys silversmithing, designing jewelry, and drawing, and also spends time helping out at church, working in the Learning Center, and studying hard. She is studying biology, and plans to pursue occupational therapy.

Samantha HowardSamantha Howard is a senior Early Childhood Education major. After graduation, she hopes to be a second grade teacher in the Lima City school system, from which she graduated. Her hobbies include bowling, playing pool, swimming, and watching movies. The inspiration for her story came from her grandfather, Robert Palin, who passed away unexpectedly on her fourteenth birthday and who she loves and misses.

Tonya Levine is currently a sophomore with plans to transfer to Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) in the fall, where she will seek a degree in Industrial Design with a minor in Illustration. She enjoys drawing for family and friends and also for recreation, and is the proud mother of five children. In the fall she will coach girls soccer for Bellefontaine Parks and Recreation.

John LongJohn Long is currently finishing up an Associates degree from OSU-Lima, and plans to move elsewhere to pursue exercise science. The inspiration for his songs came from his life and experiences, and his desire that all hearers will see what Jesus Christ has done for him. He hopes that his experiences will teach others that “no matter what damage has been done, there is a God who always forgives.”

Sarah McCaslin is a free-spirit who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio in order to finish her degree in Journalism and minor in English. When Sarah has time, she enjoys going to concerts, painting, traveling to interesting U.S. sights, baking, and conversing with friends. Sarah hopes to be graduated by next spring and would really like to work for a newspaper or some kind of music magazine, but she is open to any opportunities that come her way.

Nate McKenzieNate McKenzie is the proud father of Ezra Mark McKenzie, who, he states, is his "greatest accomplishment, now and forever." He is currently working on his first novel, "The Dawn Ender," and his first chapbook, "Emoetry: Scratchings on a Scratched Heart." He was inspired to write "Man v. Beast" as a message meant to discourage particular persons who would seek to defame and cast doubt on a typically hard-headed, proud, and confrontational Irish Mick, while "White Dove Asylum" was inspired by his unending despair and hopelessness in regards to the general state of society.

Shari Merricle Shari Merricle is an alumnus of The Ohio State University at Lima campus and graduated with a degree in psychology last June. Shari has not pursued a career related to her degree yet, but has been enjoying the simple things in life (including no homework). She enjoys traveling, writing, taking pictures, and getting in touch with nature. The inspiration for her essay, “Evolution of Faith,” came from her internal struggle with religion and finding her true self. You may see other works from Shari in last year’s Hog Creek Review under the poetry submissions, including “The Maple Leaf” and “The Big, Small People.”

Laurie Parent is a sophomore at OSU-Lima, where she is a non-traditional student majoring in Early Education. Her future plans include pursuing a masters degree at the Lima campus. She is twenty-eight years old, the mother of three, and eventually hopes to teach third grade.

Kassondra ShappellKassondra Shappell is from Wapakoneta, OH and is currently a sophomore at OSU-Lima, majoring in business. After graduating, she would like to work for NASCAR, which she loves. She also enjoys photography and scrapbooking, and paints for fun in her spare time. She wishes to thank Professor Valentine, who believed she was able to do this painting. If it weren’t for him, she would have probably never finished it.

Katie Sinclair is currently living in a “cozy” apartment near OSU-Columbus, where she is majoring in Anthropology. She works at a restaurant which serves delicious vegetarian food and is “completely addicted” to Pita Pit. She has no idea what she wants to do after completing her degree, but is enjoying the blank slate and unlimited opportunities.

Jered SlusherJered Slusher is a junior English major at OSU-Lima. His hobbies include writing short stories, working on website management, and watching professional wrestling. Jered is the 2007-2008 Vice President of OSU-Lima Student Senate, as well as the 2007-2008 Student Representative to the Board of Trustees. Jered is an active member of the creative writing club on campus, and enjoys working in the Writing Center where he tutors students in all steps of the writing process.

Nellie SmithNellie Smith is two quarters away from graduating with a degree in English, after which she plans to attend graduate school. While she counts down the days until she is cast out upon the real world, she enjoys dabbling in various writing endeavors, reading writers with wonderfully uncontained imaginations, and traveling to and living in places she’s never been. This summer, the chosen destination is Edinburgh, Scotland. Next summer, it will likely be some place far stranger.

Stacy Taff is a junior at OSU-Lima where she is majoring in English. She has the tragic habit of being cynical and has been told she has a flair for the dramatic. She hopes to one day be a published author but, while she has started about 7 novels, she has yet to finish one. In her spare time, Stacy likes to write, paint, read voraciously, and argue for no apparent reason. She really hopes you like her play but if you don't, she promises not to take it personally.

Amber Turnmire (formerly Amber Wegesin) currently resides in Waynesfield, Ohio with her husband. She previously attended Sinclair Community College, where she received an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and is now in her first year at OSU-Lima, where she is majoring in English.

Other OSU-Lima Contributors Include: Brynn Andrews, Joshua BurGbacher, Erin Hardesty, Katie Ream ,and Viet Vo