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Hog Creek Review
Ohio State Lima 2009

Erin Brady is a sophomore double-majoring in Art and Psychology. Erin hopes to pursue a masters degree in Art Therapy.
Terri Brown-Joyce is a secondary education major with concentrations in language arts and social studies. Terri enjoys going to horse shows with her daughter and traveling to historical sites with her husband. After graduation she hopes to finish her education by attending OSU's Master of Education program.
Victoria Christy is a student at OSU Lima. She enjoys art, music, and literature; thus, she is happiest when she is painting a picture, practicing on her guitar, or writing poetry to express herself artistically. Victoria has considered becoming an English teacher. Since Victoria had a distinctively unique childhood, she often draws upon those experiences for inspiration when she writes. She has always had a very active imagination; so much of what she writes also tends to be the completed version of the "what if’s” she asks herself.
Sarah Corcoran is a both a Biology and Botany major. Her hobbies include listening to music, shooting hoops, and visiting with family and friends. After graduation, she plans to study Ethnopharmacology in either Arizona or Hawaii.
Evva Georgette Curtis is currently a junior studying Criminology and Sociology. After graduation Evva plans on getting a job as a juvenile probation officer. Her husband and children inspired her to write this piece.
Anthony J. Dodson is a magna cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University at Lima with a BS in EEOB. He plans to continue his education in medical school. He has been selected as an honoree of The Presidential Salute to Undergraduate Academic Achievement, served his sophomore year on the Student Senate, served three years as a Buckeye Contact, and has tutored math, physics, and chemistry for three years during his undergraduate studies. During his freshman year, one of his drawings was recognized as best of show in the OSU at Lima art exhibit. He is grateful to God for all the wonderful professors and faculty members of OSU who have imparted to him their depth of knowledge and encouragement.
Etzkorn Murry Etzkorn is a Civil Engineering major. He enjoys drawing, working with computer software, playing video games. In the near future, he plans to attend The Ohio State University in Columbus and graduate with honors. Since he had never used charcoal as a means to draw architectural designs, this assignment inspired him to challenge his own abilities. As part of an assignment, he designed a highly complex part of a house.
James Ferda is a modest and good-looking man. He is a Pisces who enjoys walks on the beach, traveling and good times with friends. His inspiration for the story came from a night of binge drinking and falling asleep with a nicotine patch on. He's majoring in English and his hobby (Prestige World Wide) which includes beer tasting, back packing, having adventures, and yes, actually being a reverend.
Fife Nathaniel Fife is a sophomore at The Ohio State University at Lima. He plans to attend Columbus in the fall to work on receiving his bachelor degree in English. Nathaniel enjoys reading, watching movies with friends and listening to music. He found inspiration for this poem while working as a telemarketer in Kentucky.
Chelsey Grimes is a speech and hearing sciences major. After graduation she would like to become a speech pathologist. Chelsey’s hobbies include working and hanging out with her friends.
Mike Goetz is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. His hobbies include playing guitar and singing. "The City's Secret Ghosts" was inspired by his time spent attending main campus, while "The Home of the Fallen Giant" was inspired by his childhood.
Jessy Heinemeier is a junior Biology major and plans to pursue a doctorate in Occupational Therapy. She is a math and writing tutor in the Heath Learning Center, vice president of the ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club, and a photographer. Jessy enjoys drawing, painting, designing jewelry and silversmithing, but photography is her favorite form of art. Photography allows her to appreciate the intricate details in everyday life and share the beauty of life with others.
Sarah Hollar is a criminology major. Her hobbies include yoga and painting.
Lynette Ingle is a senior and will graduate in June 2010 from the Health Care Management Program. She wrote this paper for Professor Werchan’s 367.04 class. She chose the topic because she is currently a Physical Therapist Assistant, planning to go on to get her Physical Therapy doctorate. She frequently works with stroke victims. She was interested in the latest information regarding the subject, so the paper was actually kind of fun for her to write. Lynette enjoys reading, scrapbooking, spending time with her family, and occasionally writing.
Lynsey Kamine is a sophomore majoring in Sociology and minoring in English. She is the president of Buckeye Scholars and an active member of Student Senate. She enjoys writing, playing soccer, and shopping at thrift stores. Lynsey also tutors in the Writing Center and waitresses at Casa Lu Al. Although Lynsey has enjoyed her time at OSU Lima, next year she will be making the big move to Columbus to finish her degree with the goal of becoming an event coordinator.
McCaslin Sarah McCaslin believes in the power of writing. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and will graduate in June with a BA in Journalism and a minor in English. When Sarah is not absorbed in schoolwork, she loves to spend time outside, attend concerts, take pictures, create drawings, and cook meals. She wrote the selected works during a workshop class with prize winning poet Henri Cole.
Muir Candace Muir is a freshman at OSU Lima. She plans to complete a degree in zoology and then go to the University of Wyoming for graduate school. She would like to get a job out west and do field research on wild animals. When she is not at school, she works on the family farm where they raise and breed beef cattle.
Pricer David Pricer is an English Major who is currently pursuing a career in print journalism. He loves politics and the quest for truth, and it is his sincerest desire to contribute to the American "democratic debate." It was Virginia Woolf’s clear and didactic voice in opposition to institutional misogynism which inspired his essay.
Katie Ream is an art major at OSU Main campus, with a concentration in photography, and possibly a minor in sculpture or glass. Her hobbies include music and art. Her future is a book waiting to be written.
Carissa Reinicke is an English major. She has a husband and two children. Her hobbies are reading and writing.
Taylor Sciranka has always loved art. Although she does not yet have a major, she is leaning towards something in the art/creative field.
Shawver Ben Shawver is in English major who plans to become a High School English teacher. His primary areas of interest are comparative religion, mythology, and their applications in popular culture and literature. “The ‘Odd’yssey: Mythology and House M.D.” is the result of his obsession with the television show House M.D. and a love of the works of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung.
Jered Slusher is a Senior English major at OSU-Lima. His hobbies include writing short stories, working on website management, and watching professional wrestling. Jered's dream is to make lots of money, open his own Writing Center, and offer $100 to all clients in an effort to put The OSU-Lima Writing Center out of business.
Smith Nellie Smith, after much toil, travail, and wandering around with a book while looking lost, graduated from Ohio State in March with a major in English and a minor in Theatre. During her spare time, she enjoys reading children's books, dressing up in ill-advised thrift store purchases, and planning [& occasionally taking] open-ended excursions to Places She Is Not. Now that she no longer has paper assignments to complete, she is currently trying to find something else worth putting off until tomorrow.
Lee Sutton-Ramspeck is a freshman at OSU-Lima with plans to transfer to Columbus next fall. She works at the Lima YMCA.
Angela Wilbert is an English major at Ohio State Lima. She lives with her eight-year-old daughter, Ivy. Her story was completed as a final project for Classics 222.
Eric Wisener is a mechanical engineering major. After graduation he would like to engineer car motors and moving parts for an automotive company. Eric’s hobbies include working at a Kubota Tractor dealership, riding dirt bikes, and hanging out with his friends.
The remaining contributors are all current or former students at OSU-Lima.