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Hog Creek Review
Ohio State Lima 2010

Alexis Alberts is a junior, majoring in English.  Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, baking, and taking pictures.  Alexis is a Buckeye Contact and a Writing Consultant in the Heath Learning Center.  Through her photography, she tries to show beauty in unexpected places.
Corey Bassitt is a Junior, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, Corey has plans to move to North Carolina where he will further his education in Marine Biology. In his free time, he likes to write and play music. Corey also loves to take photographs whenever he has the opportunity.
Erin Bradley is majoring in business management with the hopes of owning her a refurbished-wood furnishing store. She finds joy in taking and looking at photos, trying to create a new look or way to catch the eye of the spectator. Currently an organic produce farmer at Lynn Valley Farms, Erin has also worked part time at a produce market in Bellefontaine for three years now. Gardening and wood-working are two hobbies that also bring her much joy.
Gavin Bruce is a non-traditional student who has been given a wonderful opportunity to return to college. He is transitioning from a career in mortgage banking to art and is truly grateful that he was able to begin that transition at The Ohio State University Lima campus under Professor Valentine.
Nick Bui is a freshman at Ohio State Lima majoring in architecture.
Samantha Buroker is a sophomore art major who will be transferring to CCAD Fall 2010 (majoring in illustration). After graduation she plans to illustrate children’s books. Her art professor, Ed Valentine, is a wonderful teacher who really pushes his students to excel and think deeper than the surface level. If it were not for his persistence and guidance Samantha would not have the courage to be going down this path.
John Butoric is a robot sent back in time to 20XX to attend OSU-Lima, major in English, and save America’s youth from the very syntax and grammatical dystopia he was created within to attempt to prevent.
Bethany Christen is currently a sophomore at Ohio State Lima and is majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Art and English. Bethany’s hobbies include traveling, reading, painting, and being around friends and family. These paintings were done during her freshman year. She was inspired to reproduce The Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dali, because Bethany finds his work unusual and fascinating.
Cory Coleman is an English major of senior status at Ohio State Lima. Cory has been an avid film lover since the age of 5-and-a-half and, after completing his college education, he plans on venturing out to sunny California to pursue a career in the filmic arts. He also wants to learn how to fly. The inspiration for his story came on a very common day in the form of a mental image: a mouse inspecting a glittering beetle shell. At the time Cory was also meditating upon U.S. history, and thus traces of that found their way in as well. Cory’s story, “The Shell,” was the recipient of the 2nd place prize in the 2009-2010 Arbuckle Awards.
Sarah Corcoran is a junior at OSU at Lima, majoring in PCMB. Her hobbies include photography, hooping, gardening and camping. Sarah plans to attend OSU-Columbus for her final year.
George Cox is an English major who hopes to further his education with a Master’s in education. His goal is to teach English as a second language. George has always had a passion for writing and learning about other cultures.
Patrick Crutchfield is a junior at Ohio State Lima, majoring in Pre-Vet. His hobbies include painting and caring for animals.
Aleena Deutschman is a Pre-Med major who enjoys writing poetry and fiction. In her "free time" Aleena is usually home (in Toledo), working or watching TV with her chihuahua.
Nate Fife is a third year student at The Ohio State University, majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. In his spare time he is working on a novella as well as a graphic novel. Nate’s poems are inspired by the people closest to him as well as by the cities and towns that Nate has lived in throughout his life.
Laura Freer has been studying English for the same amount of time it takes most people to become doctors. She has been at Ohio State Lima for two years now, and plans to graduate sometime in the next decade. She has written several short stories, started a novel or two, and churned out a great deal of angsty poetry. She hopes eventually to find a job where people will pay her to watch Buffy and call it research.
Adam Goes is a History major who enjoys watching Food Network Nighttime, nerding out over anime and the latest Japanese RPG, and pirates. Adam descends from both gypsies and Czech royalty and takes pride in both.
Chelsea Harshbarger is a freshman at Ohio State Lima, majoring in Business and Visual Communications. Her hobbies include traveling and art.
Jessy Heinemeier is a senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. She plans to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Jessy is a Math Tutor and a Writing Consultant in the Heath Learning Center, a member of the ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club, and a photographer. Photography allows Jessy to comfortably express herself and her ideas.
Craig Higbie has returned to school after a 20 year absence. He is majoring in Environmental Science. His hobbies are photography and karate. Next year Craig will be attending the OSU main campus to finish his degree.
Lucas Hines is a junior at Ohio State Lima, majoring in English (marketing). He submitted his works because Doug Sutton-Ramspeck told him to. These poems are full of nonfictional fiction. They rub off of Lucas’s spirit like ticks on an eight-point buck. He is only 20 so, no, Lucas can’t buy you alcohol. Please stop calling him.
Ashley Holtzapple is junior at Ohio State Lima, majoring in Radiation Therapy. She plans to attend main campus next year, GO BUCKEYES! She was inspired through friendships to write her poem.
Lynsey Kamine is currently pursuing a degree in English from The Ohio State University while also seriously considering taking on a business degree in marketing in order to snag a spot in the world of publishing. Credit for Lynsey’s smile and shiny outlook can be given to her friends and family, poetry, thrift store shopping, and her cat, Murry.
Miranda Kennedy has loved photography since she was a little girl and one day plans to have her own studio. Miranda’s biggest thanks is for her husband, Tom, for his unwavering support in her endeavor, and Brad Olson for his great insight and guidance. Thank you!
Erin Lautzenheiser is a senior at Ohio State Lima, majoring in English. No, she doesn’t want to teach! She plans to go on to get her Master’s degree in Library Science to become a librarian
Danita Lazenby is a 3rd year student at Ohio State Lima. She is working towards a Theatre major. She took the digital photography last year and found that she truly enjoyed looking for subjects to shoot. Danita and a friend spent two weeks blowing bubbles in the woods. She is still looking for the perfect bubble.
Joshua Long is an English major. He does all of the things that you do. Well, maybe not. But Josh likes words and books and stories in general. Yes.
Kati Lowry will be sophomore at Ohio State Lima, majoring in English. She plans to attend graduate school for Education. She likes to spend her spare time with friends. Kati enjoys any type of art, such as painting and drawing, photography, music, and acting. She was inspired by locations that held memories for her in this photography project.
Alicia Lugibihl is in the nursing program and plans on returning to OSU for a degree in the science of nursing. She was inspired to write this paper her freshman year at OSU Lima.
Sarah McCaslin believes in the power of the written word. Transplanted from Lima to Columbus, she has learned to love the city and see it as her own concrete paradise. She received her BA in Journalism and minor in English in August 2009 and is still searching for a place where she can use her pen to change the world. She is excited for the future and all it may hold.
Chelsie Oneill is currently a freshman at Ohio State Lima. This coming fall she will begin classes for the Health Science Program and make the transfer to Columbus to finish her degree. Chelsie was assigned to write this paper in her English 101 class. She really enjoyed it.
Marsha Parsons is an RN working on her BSN but she loves the arts (especially painting).Marsha has learned so much from Professor Valentine, and has found herself viewing the world in a new perspective of lines and color!
David Pricer is a graduating English Major at Ohio State.  David is planing on attending law school next year to pursue a career in constitutional and military law. His ultimate goal is to be commissioned as a Naval JAG officer; in such service, he will, to the best of his abilities, represent both the United States and those who have been iniquitously and illegally denied the most fundamentally basic human rights.
Zachary Reneau is a freshman at Ohio State Lima, majoring in English. In his free time he plays bass in his band, plays video games, and writes. These poems were mostly inspired by Zach’s past experiences, although some were pure products of his imagination.
Hannah Rhodes was eight years old when she and her family moved from Missouri to Ohio to take care of her maternal grandfather. Their lives centered around his care until he died in 2004. He had always encouraged Hannah to chase her dreams, and whatever she writes, or photographs, or draws, is in his memory. Hannah is now a sophomore at OSU at Lima, and one day she will teach fifth grade English and write and illustrate a series of children’s books.
Trisha Richey is a freshman at Ohio State Lima, majoring in Early Childhood Education. Her hobbies include knitting, scrapbooking, fishing and training dogs. She plans to receive her Master’s in Education from Ohio State Lima. Things that inspire her to write her essays come from day-to-day activities and working at a grocery store.
Sheryl Roadcap is a senior at Ohio State Lima, majoring in English. Her hobbies include writing, listening to music, working-out, and cooking. She plans to graduate from OSU at the end of next spring. Sheryl was moved to write her poem while grieving the loss of her child.
Joseph Roberts is a sophomore at OSU-Lima, majoring in Biology and minoring in English. He hopes to attend Veterinary School after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree. During his free time Joey enjoys reading, bird watching, gardening, and sleeping in. He wrote this paper to fulfill a requirement for English 542, which discussed the Victorian Novel.
Megan Rutledge is a senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in Biology. Her hobbies include swimming and playing the guitar. She will graduate in Spring of 2011. That next fall, she plans to attend graduate school to become an optometrist. All of Megan’s writing is based on personal experiences, either her own or those of a friend.
Sarah Scott will be a junior in the fall of 2010 attending Ohio State Lima, majoring in English.
Benjamin Shawver graduated from OSU Lima summer quarter 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in English. He is currently applying to schools to continue his Master work in education. His goal is to teach high school English. He is husband to a loving wife and father to a three-year-old daughter and twin one-year-old boys. He enjoys playing with his children, reading, and playing video games.
Cutter Slagle recently graduated from Ohio State Lima, earning a degree in English and minor in Creative Writing. His hobbies include reading and writing. Cutter has written numerous short stories and is currently working on a full-length novel.
Jered Slusher is a former student of The Ohio State University at Lima, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from The Ohio State University. He is currently the coordinator of Mass Influence Leadership, an elite community of leaders driven to gain control over their future, develop strong relationships, and achieve massive amounts of success.
Suzanne Staley is a junior at Ohio State Lima, majoring in Middle Education, with an emphasis in Physical and Social Science. She is the mother of a nine year old son, and together they enjoy riding bicycles, camping, and spending time with each other. Suzanne wrote this essay as a class paper for Professor Gabrys English 367.02 class in Winter Quarter, 2009.
Jacquelyn Steineman is senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in English with a Creative Writing minor. Being a mother to her son, Starling, is her only hobby, that and any hobby that he develops. She hopes to graduate and then work at HTM until her school loans are paid before he needs to go to school. One day Jacquelyn may be able to write her own novel.
Rachel Strahm is a sophomore at OSU Lima. She collects owls and vinyl, adores Oscar Wilde, and is never without a camera or novel.
Kyle Thines graduated with honors (cum laude) from OSU this past spring and will be taking a year off and applying around to graduate schools. He received the Division Award from the Division of Humanities this past spring from OSU Lima. In his free time Kyle referees and plays as much roller and ice hockey as he can.
William Thompson is a sophomore at the OSU-Lima campus. He is involved with SSFVC (a Student Veterans Club) and looks forward to getting involved with the Student Senate. William’s focus of studies will fall under the College of Allied Med. He has a wonderful wife, four daughters, and one son.
Taylor Torberg is currently a freshman at Ohio State Lima, and is majoring in Early Childhood Education. Taylor’s hobbies include being a guitar player in semi-proffesional Jazz/Rock band, writing, of course, and backpacking. Taylor was previously a student at The Art Institute of Tennessee, Nashville.  Because of a vast imagination and having a million and one thoughts, Taylor was inspired to write this short story.
Neisha Ulrey is a senior at Ohio State Lima, majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing and Classics. She is a student assistant in the Admissions office and involved in many campus activities including Powder Puff Football. Many things inspire her poetry, but Neisha feels her best writing comes from true emotions and situations she has experienced.
Alex Warren is a freshman at OSU-Lima, majoring in International Business. Alex’s hobbies include playing basketball and hanging out with friends.
Ashleigh Winstead graduated from Ohio State Lima, majoring in English. Her specialty in writing centers around poetry and creative fiction. Her goals for the future include getting a job as an Underwater Journalist for Dive Magazine and possibly a writing contract for fiction and poetry. Her fiction work "Dream Scape" was part of a larger memoir piece for one of her classes while her poem "Morning Musings" was inspired by thoughts of graduation close to dawn.
Corrinne Worden is freshman at Ohio State Lima with a major in Visual Communications Design. Her hobbies include writing, painting and drawing and photography
Alicia Zacharias is a sophomore Art major and plans to pursue her master’s in Art Education. Alicia enjoys painting, drawing, ceramics and photography. Painting has become her favorite form of art because it challenges her to make an object look lifelike by mixing paint colors correctly. Alicia was only able to attend OSU Lima for her freshman year, but was very glad that she had the opportunity to take classes at the Lima campus and will miss all the wonderful people that she met there.