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Hog Creek Review
Ohio State Lima 2011

Jenna Albers Jenna is a junior at OSU-Lima, majoring in Strategic Communications. Her hobbies include photography, running, and spending time with friends and family. She will be moving to the Columbus campus this June to finish her undergraduate degree. The photos she has submitted were taken during Professor Olson’s Digital Photography course last fall at OSU Lima. She was inspired by nature and art throughout many of her photo shoots. She hopes viewers of these photographs will be able to have an appreciation for both art and nature.
Alexis Alberts Alexis is a senior at OSU, majoring in English and minoring in Strategic Communications.  She will finish her degree in Columbus, where she plans to continue writing.  Alexis also enjoys reading, traveling, photography, calligraphy, film studies, and being with her awesome friends and family.
Renee Arnold Renee is a former OSU-Lima student.
Ariane Billing Ariane is a senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in Middle-Childhood Education. She enjoys reading, traveling, and doing anything crafty.
Alexis Brown Alexis is a sophomore at OSU-Lima and although she is majoring in Nursing, English has always been her favorite subject. She works at a local coffee shop which she LOVES, and if she’s not at work, school, or with friends, you can find her on her front porch with her nose shoved in a book. Give her a good book and a cup of coffee and life is good!
Carly Burch Carly grew up in the small town of Jackson Center.  She is a 2009 graduate of Jackson Center High School, where she was involved in many activities, such as volleyball and National Honor Society.  She now attends OSU while also working part time.  She began her college career at the Lima campus and will further her education at the main campus in Columbus.  There, Carly hopes to become a speech therapist.
Anna Burwell Anna is a semi-hermit who has recently been dragged (kicking and screaming, I might add) from her mildly rural sanctuary to study Japanese and English at OSU-Lima. She normally only shares her creative writing among her family and friends, so the idea of doing the same with the rest of us nearly causes massive cerebral hemorrhaging. Excuse her while she hides in the nearest potted plant so she can have a panic attack in peace.
Kyley Carman Kyley is a sophomore at OSU-Lima, majoring in Radiologic Sciences & Therapy. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family. She plans to transfer to the Columbus campus next fall. Her essay was written for a class with Dr. Beth Sutton-Ramspeck, who required students to write an explication about a poem from the Victorian period.  Kyley chose "The Sea View" by Charlotte Smith because she believes there is an interesting, underlying message to the poem.
Sarah Corcoran Sarah is a Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology major at OSU.  She enjoys writing, photography, hooping, and gardening.
Greg Cottrill Greg is a junior at OSU-Lima with a major in business finance and a minor in criminology.  He graduated from Russia Local School in 2009. Greg became interested in photography after taking a digital photography class here on campus.  He says he continues to use the knowledge he gained from that class and will use it the rest of his life.
Andrea Cummings While on her grandma’s farm, Andrea took her published photo for her photography class. There really wasn't any particular inspiration for the picture, it was more of an interest in the lines and shadows at that moment. When she is not experimenting with photography Andrea is usually working one of her three jobs or hanging out with her friends. She also really enjoys being outside in the sun and attending concerts in her time off.
Aleena Deutschman Aleena is a former student of OSU-Lima.
Emily Dicke Emily is currently a student at OSU-Lima.
Catherine Dikilitas Catherine is currently a student at OSU-Lima.
Heather Doute Heather is a non-traditional student at OSU-Lima, dual-majoring in English and History. Her hobbies include writing, voraciously reading, and collecting action figures. Her story was inspired while studying fiction parodies for creative writing class. She was envisioning a tricked out golf cart being chased by zombies. Woe be the mind of a writer with no imagination.
Cory Echols Cory is an alumni of Sidney High School and attended Ohio State Lima for two years before transferring to Columbus.  He is pursuing a degree in finance with a minor in sports management.  He played baseball for OSU-Lima Barons for the two years he was here, and he earned ORCC Player of the Year honors for both years.  He will be trying out for the Buckeye team this September.
Keah Egbert Keah commutes to campus from Anna, Ohio, and, as of now, she’s studying business.  She works in culinary and nutritional services at Dorothy Love Retirement Community in Sidney, Ohio, and as a waitress at the Inn Between Tavern in Botkins, Ohio.
James Ferda James is a former OSU-Lima student.
Nate Fife Nate is a senior at OSU-Lima who is transferring to Ohio State Main Campus for fall 2011. His hobbies include writing fiction and poetry while still trying to find time for friends. He is inspired to write by the beauty he sees in everyday life.
Laura Freer Laura Freer is a graduate of the Ohio State University at Lima with a BA in English, which she is afraid translates to BS in life. She enjoys literature, history, and philosophy, as well as video games, anime, and science fiction, but those sound less impressive. She is hoping to find a career that utilizes her skills in writing or her love of the study of literature, but failing that she'd happily accept money for playing Minecraft endlessly.
Kristen Gaston Kristen is currently a junior at The Ohio State University, majoring in History. She plans to attend graduate school after completing her undergraduate degree on main campus next spring. She has a strong interest in environmentalism, which inspired her to write this historical analysis of the changing focus of American environmentalism in the mid-20th century.
Adam Goes Adam is a senior history major at Ohio State Lima. His work is heavily influenced by Richard Siken’s book of poetry, Crush, and he considers himself one of the millions of silent voices of a generation that have been lost to misery and apathy. He doesn’t know half of you half as well as he should like and he likes less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
Danielle Griffith Danielle is a junior at OSU-Lima studying BS finance. She just received her Associate in Arts. She is finishing her degree in Columbus this coming fall. She loves to dance and perform.
Zach Guagenti Zach is attending Bowling Green State University this fall, where he will be working towards a Biology major with future plans of becoming a dentist. He would like to attend either the University of Minnesota's Dental school or The Ohio State University Dental School. Zach’s hobbies include doing anything art related. He really likes to paint and sketch. Also, he enjoys playing the piano and he recently just started playing the guitar.
Andrew Haun Andrew is currently a student at OSU-Lima.
Jessy Heinemeier Jessy is a graduating Biology Major and Psychology Minor. She will pursue her Master’s in Occupational Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago this year. Jessy is a Math Tutor in the Heath Learning Center, a member of the ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club, and a photographer. Photography allows Jessy to comfortably express herself and her ideas.
Emily Hostetler Emily is an HDFS major who enjoys catching the simple scenes of life on camera.
Erica Imm Erica is currently a student at OSU-Lima.
Lynsey Kamine Lynsey is a fourth year student at Ohio State Columbus who will graduate in Fall 2011 with an English degree and minors in creative and professional writing. In Columbus she enjoys reading on the oval, attending poetry readings, and being a poetry editor on the student-operated undergraduate journal The Grove.  She is looking forward to graduating and pursuing adventures that may include, but are not limited to, earning her licensure for ASL interpretation, teaching English as a foreign language abroad, editing The New Yorker, or moving to Australia to jump with the kangaroos.
Ryan Kinn Ryan is a freshman at OSU-Lima, majoring in Biology. He is going to be a dentist, and his hobbies include making videos, fishing, and maintaining saltwater aquariums.
Katherine Kleffner Katherine is a junior at OSU-Lima and is majoring in History while also pursuing an English minor. She will read almost anything that has words printed on or in it and always carry at least one book with her. She also enjoys watching British television though she frequently has to wait for her favorite shows to be released on DVD before she can watch them. She wrote her essay while taking a Harry Potter class, which led her to add an English minor to her degree.
Chelsea Luebrecht Chelsea is a sophomore at OSU-Lima and an English major. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and watching movies. She plans to finish her bachelor’s at Lima before going to Bowling Green for graduate school. All of her works were done for her creative writing classes.
Kati Lowry Kati has just finished her sophomore year at OSU-Lima and in the fall she will move to Columbus to finish her last two years. She is majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in English. She loves taking pictures because she thinks there’s always something new that can be captured in a photograph.
Jordan Millsap This autumn Jordan will start her second year at OSU-Lima, majoring in Business Administration.  She commutes to campus from Belle Center where she resides with her mother, Amy Henry, and her younger sister, Ashtin Millsap.  Jordan graduated from Benjamin Logan High School where she was greatly involved in academics and athletics.  Currently she works at Quest Federal Credit Union in Bellefontaine.  Jordan has immense aspirations to use her education from The Ohio State University to start her career there after college.
Ashley Morlock Ashley is a junior at OSU-Lima, majoring in Early Childhood Education. Her hobbies are photography and scrapbooking. She has always loved taking pictures and her inspiration is everything in the world.
Leslie Newport Leslie is a Neutral Evil English major. She enjoys it an indecent amount. She submitted something because Doug Sutton-Ramspeck told her to and she is afraid to see his disappointed face. She would advise you to never ask her where she’s going or where she’s been because she often cheats at poker. She will do anything for a Snickers Ice Cream bar and/or Stewart’s Orange ’n Cream.
Calvin Niese Calvin is a student at OSU-Lima.
Seth Norman Seth likes to write and he’d like to make a career out of it someday -- which is why he’s an English major. When he has the time, he reads, watches Netflix with his girlfriend, and periodically saves the world from utter, apocalyptic annihilation -- your basic stuff.
Andrew Pever Andrew is currently a student at OSU-Lima.
Ashley Reinhart Ashley graduated this past March (2011) with her Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management. Photography has always been an interest of hers, but she had no intention of furthering her knowledge in it until she needed just a fill-in class to graduate. Needless to say, she loved every bit of it! She’s been able to take such amazing pictures and she never settles for just an average picture. Photography has still been a big part of Ashley’s free time and allows her to learn even more every time she pulls her camera out.
Zach Reneau Zach is a Chaotic Good sophomore at OSU-Lima, majoring in English. He’s really not interesting. He writes poetry because he is bitter.
Hannah Rhodes Hannah is a sophomore at Ohio State Lima, majoring in Middle Childhood Education. She likes to draw, take pictures, sing, write, and play basketball. When she graduates with her Master’s, she plans to teach English in Harima-Cho, Japan for a year or more, then come back to teach fifth grade English in the United States. She also intends to write a series of children’s books, though at the moment most of the stories she writes have to do with mercenaries and politics, and toying around with different philosophies and moral ideas. She was inspired to write “Big Brother” by her frustration with a friend’s constant conspiracy theories. She is the middle child of five, originally from Kansas City, Missouri.  She loves food and trying new and weird kinds of food, and often remembers where a place is by what restaurants are nearby.
Abigail Scalf Abigail is a sophomore at OSU Lima, majoring in English. She plans to graduate with her Bachelor’s from the Lima campus, and hopes to continue on to her masters at a later date. She also hopes to one day become a well published author, so that, like her favorite authors, she can inspire and speak to struggling teens and college students who use books to escape into their own, creative worlds.
Sarah Scott Sarah will be a senior at OSU-Lima in the fall of 2011, and is currently working toward her English degree.
Gena Smith Gena is a twenty-year-old English major at OSU-Lima.  Born and raised in Ohio, she has a passion for photography, writing, reading, and the arts in general.
Neisha Ulrey Neisha is in her senior year here at OSU-Lima, majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing and Classics. She works on campus and reads whenever she gets a chance. She feels that writing is a wonderful release and hopes to someday do it full time.
Evan Waggamon Evan is a freshman at OSU-Lima, majoring in English. He writes in his spare time. He plans to graduate here and join the Army. He was inspired to write his story because he has always had a fascination with ancient Rome.
Angela Wilbert Angela is a recent graduate from Ohio State.  In her spare time, she enjoys writing short stories and taking photographs.
Amy Williams Amy is a transfer student majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. Her hobbies include knitting, reading and writing poetry. She is a proud mother of four kids and has an awesome husband who supports her in furthering her education and following her dreams.
Morgan Winegardner Morgan is currently a student at OSU-Lima.
Corrinne Worden Corrinne is a junior on campus.  She’s a fine arts student from Wapakoneta, Ohio.