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Hog Creek Review
Ohio State Lima 2012

Natalie Allen Natalie is going to be a senior at OSU-Lima, but technically she is a 5th year student since she transferred from Ohio University and changed her major from Communication Studies to English. She picked up the Creative Writing minor this year and plans to complete it next Spring semester. She was inspired by a lot of different things for her poetry, but a failed relationship in Athens is what sparked a lot of what she wrote. As for the essay about John Clare, that was for an assignment for Dr. Beth Sutton-Ramspeck. She found Clare curiously interesting, so she decided to choose him as her point of focus. She says it’s hard to have hobbies when you have zero-to-no free-time, but she does enjoy jogging. She also reads a lot of fiction; she’s currently working through Hemingway and Steinbeck. She also really enjoys eating and sleeping, so she guesses those could be counted as hobbies, too. Catnaps are a godsend.
Rachel Bowerman Rachel graduated in 2009 with an associate’s in Digital Media at Rhodes, and she began at OSU-Lima that fall working towards a Biology major. She plans to work in conservation or environmental science. She loves both science and art, and attempts to make room for both in her life. Many of her favorite moments include seeing how the two coexist. She enjoys the natural sciences most, and also enjoys traveling, camping, working with animals, photography/digital media, and music. She is also active in astronomy club, biology club, bird banding research, and university band.
Natasha Brown Natasha is a graduated psychology major. She enjoys reading, photography and music. She hopes to continue her education at the University of Cincinnati for Applied Behavioral Analysis. This essay was presented at this year’s Denman and prepared by Dr. Green, Andrew Fox and herself.
Sarah Brown Sarah is a junior at OSU-Lima and will be transferring to Columbus next fall. She is majoring in English and plans to become a high school teacher.
Anna Burwell Anna is a graduated English major, to start. As such, she has found herself in that stage of life that involves wandering in circles until she finds something shiny. In the meantime, she reads, practices every needlecraft she can without going insane, and attempts to do this ’writing’ thing she’s heard so much about.
Kayla Cassidy Kayla took these pictures in the winter quarter of her freshman year at OSU-Lima. She is majoring in Early Education and minoring in Digital Photography. She will be attending OSU-Columbus from her sophomore year until she graduates. She is from Cincinnati, and coming to Lima was a completely new experience for her, being a city girl. She had to find completely new subjects to photograph and it was a great, and sometimes frustrating, experience!
Brent Cress Brent is a continuing education student at OSU-Lima. He has a bachelor's degree in art from Berea College, is a self-employed sculptor, and is working towards a master’s degree in Architecture. When taking photographs, he tries to capture what he sees and how he sees it. To interpret the world through the medium of sculpture, and ultimately the built environment, is to harness the dynamics of abstract forms and materials and how they interacts with space. This flow between tangible and ethereal impresses our senses, our emotions. We then are able to interact within this dynamic and give meaning to our experience.
Tiffanie Davis Tiffanie is a current OSU-Lima student.
Kristen Dennis Kristen is an English major at OSU-Lima, hoping to graduate at the end of Spring 2013. She enjoys writing, reading, climbing trees, and rock climbing, when she gets the chance. Her inspiration is never consistent in its source, but it comes from a combination of internal and external sources.
Heather Doute Heather is a senior at OSU-Lima, dual-majoring in History and English with a Creative Writing Minor. In her spare time she reads voraciously and collects antique literature and history books. After OSU she plans on continuing her education. Her dream is to study for her doctorate at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she will be interning next summer. In 2012 she was the recipient of the Hope Strong Scholarship as well as the 2012 Anne W and Emmanuel D Rudolph Book Collection Award.
Laura Edwards The English major is slowly taking over her life. Her hobbies include judging people’s font choices and watching Doctor Who and Supernatural with her cat. She also enjoys reading and discovering new music. Several of her submitted poems come from her collection project from the 566 class, and while inspiration is difficult to pinpoint for many reasons for her poems, she can tell you none of them are from personal experience.
Chris Francis Chris is a current student at OSU-Lima.
Adam Goes Everything Adam writes is true.
Jeff Good Jeff is a freshman at OSU-Lima, majoring in Economics. His hobbies include playing basketball and fixing old cars. He plans to transfer to the Columbus campus next fall. He was inspired to write this essay due to his interest in how Mexican history affects Mexico now.
Shane Hill Shane is a senior at OSU-Lima currently majoring in English Pre-Education. He wasn’t always sure of what he wanted to do after school, but he does know that he loves to write. As for what inspired him to write this poem, ha, well he would say life and all the wonderful teachers he’s had through the years.
Colleen Hurt Colleen is a recent graduate of OSU Lima. She enjoys taking photos of her children and old buildings. Her favorite technique is finding unique vantage points of subjects. Her hobbies include photography, cooking and jogging.
Michael Keith Mike is a graduate with a double-major in English and History. His hobbies include playing with his kids and spreading awesomeness throughout the world. He plans to work at a menial, soul-sucking job for the next year before attending grad school in the fall of 2013 (provided the Mayans do not prove to be correct).
Chelsea Luebrecht Chelsea is a senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. Her hobbies are reading and writing. She plans to either enter the publishing industry or get her Master’s.
Christopher Matson Christopher is from Spencerville Ohio. He is currently majoring in graphic design and is moving to Dayton this year to complete his schooling. He loves all forms of art and his inspiration comes from the nature around him. My interest in photography is new and he plans to expand his skills in it more because he really can’t get enough of photography.
Sarah McCaslin Sarah can’t imagine her life without writing. Since graduating from OSU in 2009 with a B.A. in Journalism, she has been searching for the perfect place to combine her passion (writing) with employment. In between her search and work, she finds time to be outdoors, cook, draw, chat with people who inspire her, read, and of course, write. She currently resides in Columbus.
Ryan Miller Ryan is a senior formerly studying Fine Arts but now pursuing an Accounting and Finance double major. The two photos used in the journal were taken during Professor Olson's Digital Photography course last spring quarter. In his free time he enjoys painting, drawing, photography and other artforms, as well as playing music on guitar or piano.
Shelby Moeller Shelby is a former OSU-Lima student, and is studying Visual Communicatioins. She really enjoys photography, sailing, traveling, and spending time with good friends and family. Her photos were taken during her time in Brad Olson's photography class this past spring.
Candace Muir Candace is a senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in zoology. Her hobbies include showing cattle, singing, travelling and doing anything having to do with nature! She wrote this paper as part of a requirement for her ethology class.
Leslie Newport Leslie’s biography is currently under construction.
Susanna Nicol Susanna is an alumni of Wapakoneta High School and a fourth-year student at OSU-Lima. Her plan is to transfer to main campus to complete her last year and graduate Spring 2013 with a dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. Susanna stays extremely busy at OSU-Lima; She teaches the Dance Club on campus and is involved in Buckeye Scholars, the Psychology Club and Psi Chi, Chorale, and the campus’ newly-formed acapella group Carmony. On top of her campus involvement, Susanna works as a receptionist for the Heath Learning Center and is a research assistant for psychology professor Dr. Virginia Thompson. Inspired by her research job, Susanna decided to come up with a research project of her own and present it at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. This experience led to a subsequent 3rd place finish in OSU Lima’s Denman Research Forum, becoming the recipient of the Psychology Department’s Award, and a published research paper in the Hog Creek Review! Susanna looks forward to graduation and her future plans of traveling and teaching through either the Fulbright scholarship program or the PeaceCorp.
Zach Reneau Zach is a senior English major. He has a shrine to Jacques Derrida in his bedroom closet.
Sarah Rethman Sarah attended OSU-Lima for two years before transferring to Columbus to further her education. Her major is Marketing with a minor in Visual Communications. Her hobbies include photography, working, and volunteering. She tries to capture the beauty of the simple things in life for each of her photos.
Amber Roesser Amber is a junior at OSU-Lima, majoring in Health Sciences. She wrote this essay for an English film class about the works of Alfred Hitchchock.
Abigail Scalf Abigail is a senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in English, with minors in Creative Writing and Classics. Many of these poems were inspired by her summers working for ODOT, while a few others were just random poems generated for Doug’s poetry class. She loves to write and hope that her writing will be published someday.
Andrea Scheckelhoff Andrea is currently a History of Art major, and also employed at ArtSpace/Lima. After taking Brad's class during the fall quarter this year, she fell in love with photography! Because of photography, she now sees and appreciates things she may not have before. The art of photography has truly given her a new and exciting outlook on life.
Gena Smith Gena is a junior at OSU-Lima, majoring in English. She takes photographs and writes things.
Jessica Spencer Jessica is a senior at OSU-Lima majoring in Middle Childhood education with concentration areas of science, social studies and language arts. She plans to graduate after the Spring 2013 semester, and begin the master’s program in Summer 2013. She enjoys reading and music. She wrote this story for an English class she took during Autumn quarter.
Derrick Stouffer Derrick is from New Bavaria, Ohio. He is a sophomore at The Ohio State University Main campus now and is a Pre-nursing student with a love for photography and the digital art world. Art is all around us and photography allows us to keep it forever.
Samantha Sweigart Samantha is a junior at Ohio State Lima with prospects of moving to OSU-Columbus Spring of 2013 to indulge in further art and photography classes. Her goal is to eventually be a concept artist or animator for Pixar or any number of video game/movie studios that could hopefully benefit from her ideas and art. Her favorite food is cherry cheesecake and she hopes to someday serve this along with other delicious things in her very own restaurant.
Tabitha Thomas Tabitha is a junior at OSU-Lima. She is a Psychology major and plans to apply to graduate school next spring. She is a mother of five and this keeps her busy! She was inspired to write this poem because she is currently engaged and has been known to be "anti-marriage" and could compare a wedding day with an execution of independence.
Neisha Ulrey Neisha is a senior at OSU-Lima, majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing and Classics. She works in the Business Office here on campus and can’t wait to graduate this summer. Writing has helped her to find a voice for her soul and she hopes that she can do it full time someday.
Katie Williams Katie is a graduated Psychology major with a History minor. She will be attending Argosy University in Chicago this fall and working toward her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology.