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Hog Creek Review
Ohio State Lima 2013

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First Place
Photography Award

Winter in Lima
Josh Heatwole

First Place
Art Award

Drawing With Text
Ashley Jennings

First Place
Art Award

Fifty Shades of Purple
Ashley Jennings

First Place
Art Award

Texture and Pattern
Ashley Jennings

Ship on the Horizon
Elisabeth Helms

Meghan Ryba

The Watcher
Abigail Young

The Town
Gena Smith

Abigail Scalf

Curved roof of store-house at Himeiji Castle in Japan
Hannah Rhodes

Adam Hemmer

No Title
Alex Champasouk

no title
Ariana Mojica

no title
Blake Gerdeman

no title
Braden True

Briana Ripke

Brooke Teman

no title
Bryan Laue

no title
Carlene Thomas

Columbus Grove OH
Drew Schroeder

no title
Drew Wickline

Emily Brill

no title
Evan Humes

Downtown Lima
Faiz Rizvi

Van Wert, Ohio
Brittney "Fallan" Maunz

Bluffton, OH
Garrett Simpson

no title
Gary Klopfenstein

no title
Haley Lange

no title
Jeffrey Hollstein

no title
Josh McCoy

no title
Kaitlyn Morrisey

Kari Swygart

no title
Kati Thain

Kayla Luangraj

Kelly Richards

Ada, Ohio
Kelsie Heise

Sidney, Ohio
Kyle Bird

no title
Melissa Shobe

no title
Michael Snider

no title
Rachel Kahle

no title
Reed Bok

no title
Roy Rojas

Sarah Amstutz

no title
Shannon Dew

St. Marys
Sterling Fenwick

Arcanum, Ohio
Taylor Loxley

Tessa Simpson

no title
Troy Fisher

no title
Zachary Lucas

Study After Cezanne
Gina Macioce

Scribble Line Gesture
Paige Dukowitz

Sixty Second Gesture Drawing
Paige Dukowitz

Monique Wilbert

Many of these photographs were taken for Brad Olson's 2555 photography class. Each student selected one town in Northwestern Ohio to document in the same spirit as Farm Administration photographs from the 1930s and 1940s. For more information about the project, click on this file.