The Ohio State University at Lima

Ohio State Lima Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

The Ohio State University at Lima builds the future of western Ohio by developing leaders and providing access to the resources and strength of the state’s top university.

Vision Statement

The Ohio State University at Lima will continue to be both the destination of choice for some students and a gateway for others to the opportunities on the Columbus campus. Upon graduation, students will be well-prepared for the workforce and ready to serve as leaders in their professions and communities. The campus will serve as a catalyst for economic development, the arts, and lifelong learning. By exceptional research, teaching, and service, faculty will encourage innovation while preserving the best of a traditional campus-centered experience. Together, faculty and staff will foster a culture of excellence. The campus community will meet the diverse needs of our students and provide them with a sound foundation for success, extending the global recognition that equates Ohio State with distinction and quality.


The Ohio State University at Lima is a land grant institution committed to serving diverse populations, training leaders, and bringing the opportunities of an Ohio State University education to western Ohio.

1) Teaching: The campus community embraces the many advantages of a Liberal Arts and comprehensive education, and takes pride in an intimate learning environment with small class sizes.

2) Research: Faculty members make valuable global contributions to their fields, foster a climate of academic rigor and critical thinking, and lend their expertise to encourage undergraduate research and creative expression.

3) Service: The Ohio State University at Lima commits itself not only to being an effective steward of our campus but also to playing an important role in the community by developing economic growth and assisting at-need populations.