The Ohio State University at Lima

Campus Tour: Nature Trails in the Tecumseh Natural Area

The OSU Lima Campus TECUMSEH NATURAL AREA is the probably the largest and most pristine wooded area in Ohio's Allen county with approximately 200 acres of forest. When Ohio was first explored by European settlers almost the entire state was forested. Our campus natural area represents a small segment of this original forest and is thus part of Ohio's biological heritage. Parts of the natural area are Beech-Maple climax forest. Elsewhere massive oaks and sycamores can be found. There are a number of trails, as shown by green lines on the map. Starting at the large wooden sign next to Galvin Hall, circling east to the pond, then south, and then west ending up at the trail entrance behind Cook Hall is a distance of slightly over 5900 feet. Web pages describing natural area trees and wild flowers are available.

Somewhat more detailed trail maps as well as campus tree and wildflower booklets are available from the Communications Office. Trails are open to the public from dawn to dusk. Vehicles, snowmobiles, and horses are not allowed on the trails.