The Ohio State University at Lima

Ohio State Lima's Project: Positivity

Ohio State Lima’s Project: Positivity is a magazine with the goal of having an outlet for students to discuss mental health. Stigmas against mental health are even more prevalent on college campuses. Our magazine gives student a platform to tell their stories, discuss where they find psychology in the real world, discuss their research projects, and creatively explore mental health. This magazine also informs students of current research in the field of psychology and events on campus. It is led by a group of Ohio State Lima students.

We will be publishing an edition of the magazine every semester. For our upcoming Fall 2017, we are looking for more student submissions. Art work, creative fiction and poetry, formal essays discussing psychology in other fields, personal experiences, and summaries of student research. Submissions for the fall 2017 edition are being accepted now and should be submitted to

Our faculty advisor is Dr. Samantha Haudenschield. Dr. Haudenschield is a licensed psychologist. She is the Coordinator of Ohio State Lima Counseling and Consultation Services and a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology.