The Ohio State University at Lima

Hall of Fame


The Board of the Ohio State University at Lima developed the Hall of Fame to annually honor persons who have completed the following requirements:

  • Nominees need to have spent a minimum of one academic quarter or semester successfully enrolled at Ohio State Lima and subsequently have earned a degree from the University.
  • Nominees must have graduated from The Ohio State University at least twenty (20) years prior to their nomination.
  • Nominees must be an advocate for the University and regarded as a community leader with a sustained professional recognition and/or involvement in community activity.
  • Nominees must be regarded as persons of excellent character.


Hall of Fame Nomination Form(pdf)
**This pdf form must be downloaded and opened outside of your browser for the submit button to function. Save the document to your desktop, close your browser, and double click "hallOfFameNomination.pdf." If you are having trouble submitting your nomination please contact Lesley Fry, 419-995-8671.

A complete nomination includes:

  • A completed nomination form (handwritten or typed)
  • A letter of support which explains nominees qualifications (from nominator or other colleagues)
  • A resume of the nominee

Nominations for the Ohio State Lima Hall of Fame Award will be accepted at any time, but must be completed and submitted no later than December 31, 2016. The award will be presented at The Ohio State Lima Advocates Spring Meeting. The names of persons nominated but not selected will be kept on file for a minimum of three (3) years. Nominators may update the file annually if they desire.

The nominator and endorsers will be invited to attend the induction presentation.


2006 - Dr. Susan L. Hubbell
2007 - Dr. Jan L. Osborn
2008 - Kevin Haver
2009 - Daniel G. Bucher
2009 - Dr. G. Gilbert Cloyd
2010 - Dr. Ann Baker
2010 - Brook E. Elrod
2010 - Linda L. Lehman
2010 - Jed. E. Metzger
2010 - Edward J. Rohrbaugh
2010 - Robert Simmons
2016 - Dr. Frank Baldauf