The Ohio State University at Lima


April 10, 2008




With both the Chair and the Vice Chair being absent, Dean Snyder called the meeting to order at 4:00.  The following members were present:  Mr. Deters, Mr. Hadley, Mrs. Schulte, Mr. Reinhart, and Mr. Young.  Mrs. Knight, Mr. Griffith, Dr. Hubbell, and Mr. Unverferth were absent.  Appointed members Dr. Ackerman and Mr. Slusher were present.  Mr. Brooks was absent, representing Ohio State Lima at the Ohio State University Alumni Association Advisory Committee annual meeting.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF PRECEDING MEETING:  Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Hadley seconded the motion that the reading of the March 13 meeting be waived and that the minutes be approved as distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Mr. Unverferth entered the meeting at 4:10 and accepted the Chair Pro Tem position.  He asked Dr. Snyder to continue with the conduct of the meeting.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION:  Mr. Phelps reported receipts of $9,421,363 or 72.6% of expected revenue with expenditures of $9,035,616 or 69.8% of expected expenditures.  He reviewed the variances within cost centers, noting explanations between budgeted amounts.  He explained that revenue for Spring Quarter was not recognized on the receipts.  He also explained that  Rhodes State College has not reimbursed some areas of the cost share agreement. The budget continues to operates within acceptable parameters.


Mr. Young moved and Mr. Unverferth seconded the motion that the report of financial condition be accepted.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Dr. Hubbell entered the meeting at 4:17.


ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT REPORT: MUSIC.  Dr. Snyder introduced Dr. Richard Mallonee, Coordinator of the Music Department.  Dr. Mallonee in turn introduced Dr. Beverly Bletstein as a faculty member and indicated that Michael Benson was unable to attend because of responsibilities  he had accepted to assist the Department of Admissions in one of their outreach activities.  Dr. Mallonee reported on the following:


·         Ohio State Lima currently teaches 18-19 different courses each academic year.   Much of the instruction is designed for the elementary education curricula or for art in music.  Approximately 200 students are involved in music courses each academic quarter.

·         The department has three primary objectives: (1) teaching the general elective courses, (2) coordinating on campus musical and artistic activities through the PALS series, and (3) presenting off campus programs to provide opportunities for students to perform and for the community to enjoy.

·         Approximately ninety (90%) of the student population is traditional age.

·         The music department has a webpage that explains and markets its expertise and opportunities.

·         The chorus is open to students from both Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College.  It currently performs with 45-50 voices and provides at least one concert each quarter.