The Ohio State University at Lima


August 14, 2008




The Ohio State University Lima Board of Trustees met in regular session on August 14, 2008 with the following members present: Mr. Griffith, Mr. Hadley, Dr. Hubbell, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Reinhart, and Mrs. Schulte,   Appointed members Mr. Brooks and Ms. Gonzalez were present.  Mr. Deters, Mr. Unverferth, Mr. Young, and Dr. Ackerman were absent.  Dr. Snyder and Dr. Rockhold attended in their official capacity.  Several faculty and staff members attended.  Mr. Griffith called the meeting to order at 4:00.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES.  Mrs. Knight moved and Mrs. Schulte seconded the motion that the reading of the June 12, 2008 meeting be waived and that they be approved as previously distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved.


PRESENTATION OF THE MASTER PLAN.  Kimberly Moss, Ohio State University Senior Campus Master Planner, presented the master plan that Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College have developed through her coordination.  She explained that the proposed plan was a valid and operable on for the campus, yet it provided flexibility to deal with local circumstances and changing objectives.   She urged that the plan be reviewed and updated regularly.


Ms. Moss gave a visual and oral presentation that explained how the committees planned for growth and growth while dealing with campus image, relationship to the community, campus life, circulation, and open spaces.  The presented plan proposes a new south quadrangle with a common spine that assures a unified campus.  A perimeter road is recommended, but would only be accessible for campus service initiatives. 


She explained that the Rhodes State College Board of Trustees approved the proposed plan in June.  Upon approval of the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees, a final draft will be prepared and a community open house will be scheduled to explain it in detail to faculty, staff, students, and the community at large.  Ultimately, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees will consider the proposal and approval will be sought at that level.


Members raised concerns in two areas: (1) provision that access be provided in a barrier free environment for disabled persons and (2) that provisions have been made for the deployment of public utilities.  Ms. Moss provided assurances that planning concerns have been taken for disabled persons’ access.  She also explained that utilities, while considered, needed more information and study.  The University plans a study of the deployment of public utilities for all of its regional campuses.    Trustees’ concerns were noted.


Ms. Moss provided copies for Trustees to study as well as an electronic copy that can be provided on the website.  Hard copies of the entire study will be made available to Trustees and a permanent file copy will be maintained in the office of the Dean and Director.


Dr. Hubbell moved and Mr. Hadley seconded the motion that the Master Plan be accepted as presented and that a public open house to explain it be arranged at the convenience of the University.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION.  Mr. Phelps provided a fiscal year end analysis that showed that Ohio State Lima had revenue of $13,219,511 with expenses of $13,205,786.  He explained that both revenue and expenditures were higher than anticipated, but attributed most of the variance to an increase in enrollment and the attributing costs thereof.  He presented data for July, 2008, that indicated the budget was running on cycle even though summer school revenue has not yet been recognized.


Mr. Phelps also provided a projected FY 2009 budget of $13,804,324 with anticipated expenditures of $13,781,300.  The budget was predicated on enrollment of 1,400 students and salary increases ranging from four (4) percent for staff and five (5) percent for faculty.  The state subsidy is expected to increase by ten (10) percent this fiscal year, but tuition rates remained the same.  He explained that the budget will require careful monitoring and administrative restraint to remain within acceptable parameters.








STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT:  Ms. Gonzalez reported that she and a committee have formed to assist with the annual Dean’s Convocation.  The Student Senate, of which she is Secretary, has an approved budget and will provide voter education opportunities and voter registration information to all students.


DEAN AND DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Dr. Snyder reported on a number of issues, as follows:


·       David Dennis, Facilities Engineering Manager, resigned in June to accept a position in Toledo.  The position will be reorganized under Mr. Phelps supervision and will include newly designed positions in grounds management, maintenance management, and housekeeping supervision.  Most of this realignment will be done through reorganization of current staff, but one position will need to be added as a replacement.  A job posting is in process.

·       Admissions for 2008-09 continue to run seven (7) percent ahead of last year, and the number of transfers has increased slightly for the same period.  No data is yet available for returning students.  Dean Snyder explained this is a staffing and fiscal concern because some students may have decided to attend Ohio State Lima as an “option student” for one year, but then pursue entrance to the Columbus campus for the completion of their educational career.  No historical data exists.  The Advising Department is following up to learn students’ intent on where or if to continue enrollment at Ohio State.

·       The 2008-09 academic year will be the first year when Ohio State Lima students have housing options available to them.  While both enterprises are owned and operated by private developers, the METRO and Longmeadow dormitories/apartments are reportedly having success in contracting with students.  Each still has space to house students, but each remains optimistic about meeting their targeted occupancy.

·        Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College administrators have met with representatives from the Ohio Board of Regents to continue conversations on how to establish improved relationships between the entities.  The decision has been made to develop two working teams, one to deal with classroom space and access and the other to deal with overall campus relationships and ultimately the revision and agreement on the cost share agreement.  A December 31, 2008 deadline has been established for the space committee work.  No final deadline has been set for the relationships committee.

·       Dean Snyder reported progress being made on a number of projects between Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College.

o   Agreement has been reached on the location of an expanded parking lot, which will be built/financed by Rhodes State College.  Construction is expected during 2008-09.

o   Agreement has been reached to locate the Ohio State Lima proposed Student Life and Community Center at the corner of Campus and Biddle Drive.  Open and available to serve all students and the community, it will be financed and administered solely by Ohio State Lima.  Additional parking will accompany it.

o   Discussions are ongoing between the entities to expand the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement to promote students being able to attend a wider choice of classes from each institution.  Much of the current discussion is for Ohio State Lima to offer theater, music, and foreign language courses to Rhodes State College students. 

o   Discussions are ongoing to promote more involvement of “2 plus 2” articulation agreement between Rhodes State College and Ohio State Lima. 

o   Discussions that were started in the Board to Board Conversations relative to shared library costs are continuing to delineate the recommended expenditures to stock and operate the campus library.  A formula exists in the current cost share agreement, but it has not been followed.  

o   An agreement has been reached to establish an auditable one year cost share agreement and to develop a revised and ongoing cost share document that will be jointly administered and monitored.  Some provisions of the current cost share agreement has not been enforced or monitored.

o   Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College have agreed to convene a committee of students and staff from both institutions to reequip the cafeteria in Reed Hall.  Using a $50,000 grant from AVI, recommendations will be made to redevelop spaces that are more conducive to student life.  The committee will be urged to complete its work so that the newly designed spaces are available for the opening of the school year or shortly thereafter.

o   Dean Snyder called upon Roger Nimps, Assistant Dean and Director of Off Campus Programs, to discuss the Bellefontaine and Putnam County Centers.

§  The Bellefontaine Center opened in 2000 at HiPoint Career Center and has now been closed due to lack of enrollment.  It specialized in GEC classes, of which 26 were held on site.  Attempts to provide distance learning were hampered because of incompatible technology systems among the sites, the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Board of Regents.

§  The Putnam County Center was opened in 2006 in cooperation with the Putnam County Educational Service Center.  Ohio State Lima provides all the GEC courses that are offered on site, but other colleges or universities have begun to offer courses at the local high schools.  In these cases, instruction is provided by high school teachers but collegiate credit is awarded. Ohio State Lima coursework is presented by regular appointed faculty.  Plans are underway with the Ottawa Glandorf Local Schools to consider a Master’s Degree cohort.






ITEMS PRESENTED BY TRUSTEES FOR CONSIDERATION AT A FUTURE MEETING:  Mr. Griffith asked if it would be possible to arrange a tour of the new Longmeadow apartments after the September 11 meeting.  Dean Snyder will attempt to make these arrangements.


ADJOURN:  Mr. Hadley moved and Mrs. Knight seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.   The members voted unanimously to adjourn and Mr. Griffith declared the meeting adjourned at 5:43.  The Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees will meet again on September 11 at 4:00 pm.



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Thomas E. Griffith, Chair                                           Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                           Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

August 14, 2008                                                         August 14, 2008


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