The Ohio State University at Lima


December 11, 2008




Mr. Deters, in the absence of the Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:00 with the following members present: Mr. Deters, Mr. Hadley, Dr. Hubbell, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Reinhart, Mrs. Schulte, and Mr. Young.  Mr. Griffith and Mr. Unverferth were absent.  Appointed members Ms. Gonzalez was present, but Dr. Ackerman and Mr. Brooks were absent.


APPROVAL OF THE OCTOBER 9 MEETING.  Dr. Hubbell moved and Mr. Hadley seconded the motion that the reading of the October 9 meeting  be waived and that the minutes be approved as previously distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved. 


Mr. Griffith entered the meeting at 4:03 and assumed his role as Chair for the remainder of the meeting.


APPROVAL OF THE NOVEMBER 13 MEETING.  Mr. Young moved and Dr. Hubbell seconded the motion that the reading of the November 13 minutes be waived and that the minutes be approved as previously distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION.  Mr. Phelps presented a written analysis of the financial condition and supported it with an oral presentation.  He noted that revenue and expenditures are within budget expectations with revenue received of $5,730,932 or 41.5% and expenditure of $4,932,769 or 44.6%.  He explained that Development, Library, and Student Activities were beyond expected variances due to timing issues.  He explained that the budget was expected to remain within reasonable parameters.


Mr. Brooks entered the  meeting at 4:13.


Mr. Phelps explained that he and Dr. Snyder are preparing a plan to reposition the FY09 budget due to a potential State of Ohio revenue shortfall that could impact the University.  These budget lines would likely be restricted to equipment purchases, purchased services, and spending restraint.   Ohio State Lima currently receives approximately $4,800,000 subsidy from State of Ohio sources.  Any likely increase in funding would necessarily be derived from tuition increases.


Dr. Snyder explained that the Finance Committee has begun to evaluate the budget and these potential shortfalls. He emphasized that it is premature to determine final strategies for budget revision, but concurred that expectation of increased State of Ohio funding would likely be futile.  If additional funding is needed, the most likely available source of revenue would be student fees.  He reported that a tuition increase of one half percent (1/2%) would increase the budget by approximately $50,000.


Noting that a decision on tuition increases fore 2009-10 may need to occur later in the academic year, he and Mr. Brooks explained the University has a past practice that all regional campuses reach a consensus on tuition costs. He and Mr. Phelps will continue to monitor University and legislative sources and report to the Finance Committee and Board of Trustees as information develops.

Responding to questions from Mr. Reinhart, Mr. Phelps reported that Rhodes State College has not paid Ohio State Lima from the FY08 budget reconciliation.  Work on the elevators in Galvin Hall has not begun as yet.  The University has requested cost estimates to repair, upgrade, or replace them.    

Mr. Hadley moved and Mr. Reinhart seconded the motion that the statement of financial condition be approved and that the Finance Committee report be accepted.  The motion was unanimously approved.

TRUSTEE COMMITTEE REPORT: ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AND STUDENT LIFE.   Dr. Hubbell reported that a subcommittee of the committee was appointed and has met to begin to discuss policy revisions for the election of the Student Trustee.  The full committee will meet in February.


STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT:  Ms. Gonzalez reported on the following topics:

·         The November 25 recycling project went well.  The Student Senate proposes to have future projects in conjunction with Allen County Recycling.

·         The renovation of the cafeteria in Reed Hall is nearly complete and is in use.  An Open House will be organized as soon as work is complete.

·         The Student Senate is planning a student leadership luncheon during the Winter Quarter.  More information will be forthcoming .

DEAN AND DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Dr. Snyder reported on the following topics:

·         He introduced Jeanne Moorman, Executive Assistant to the Dean and Director.  Mrs. Moorman will assume the responsibility of Secretary to the Board of Trustees upon Dr. Rockhold’s retirement in 2009.

·         The University will provide answers to the Ohio Board of Regents (OBOR) survey discussed in the November meeting.  There was no need to attend the videoconference or to supply separate information from Ohio State Lima.  OBOR will provide whatever detail necessary as the results of the survey are analyzed and published.

·         The final draft of the Master Plan was presented as previously approved by the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees.  Minutes of the Board’s action and a confirming letter from Mr. Griffith as Chair of the Board of Trustees has been forwarded to the University. The University has directly requested similar action steps from Rhodes State College.   Dr. Snyder expects that the Master Plan will be submitted to the University Board of Trustees in February, 2009.

·         OBOR has not yet scheduled meetings between Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College to discuss revision of the Cost Share Agreement, planning for access to classroom space, and other relationship/operational issues.

·         A faculty/staff committee recently completed a focus meeting to assess previous strategic planning measures and to prioritize how positive change can be shaped to meet the mission, vision, and values of Ohio State Lima.  Dr. Snyder will provide a report to the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees as well as the Provost.

·         Planning for the proposed Student Life and Community Center continues with the feasibility study in process.  Costs are still being calculated prior to submission for final design and development before subsequent consideration by the University Board of Trustees. 

·         The revised Cost Share Agreement between Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College (RSC) has been drafted and submitted to RSC for consideration.  No explanation sessions between the parties have occurred.  Dean Snyder will provide information to the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees and the University as the adoption process proceeds.

·         Mr. Young  asked about the number of veteran’s who enroll at Ohio State Lima.  Dr. Snyder responded that he did not have the exact number available at this time, but noted that veterans are enrolled.  Mr. Doute’, Student Trustee in 2006-07, was a U. S. Navy veteran.

·         Responding to a question from Mr. Reinhart, Dr. Snyder reported that RSC has increased its library funding from $15,000 to 20,000.  The proposed Cost Share Agreement contains a formula by which library expenditures will occur.  RSC has not followed the current formula for funding of the library for several years.

·         Mr. Griffith asked how the Board of Trustees could assist with pursuing implementation of the OBOR intervention between Ohio State Lima and RSC.  Dr. Snyder explained that the parties have agreed to a process which is being scheduled by OBOR.  No date(s) have yet been selected.  Further information will be forthcoming as the process is implemented.

OLD BUSINESS:  There was no official business transacted, but Mrs. Knight noted that several board members visited the Longmeadow Apartments following the November meeting and were impressed by this new facility.  Dr. Hubbell and Mr. Reinhart joined her in noting the positive impact that it and subsequent construction on that site will continue to have on Ohio State Lima as well as Rhodes State College.  Dr. Snyder noted that the infrastructure for the next two buildings has already been deployed, but no final decision has yet been made for further construction. 

Dr. Snyder and Mrs. Keehn noted that current data from the private developers show that Longmeadow houses ninety-four (94) students and METRO has eighty-five (85) resident students.

NEW BUSINESS:  Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Deters seconded the motion that the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees nominate Virginia I. Zirkle for The Ohio State University Distinguished Service Award.  The motion was unanimously approved.


ADJOURN.  Mr. Young moved and Mr. Hadley seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was unanimously approved and Mr. Griffith declared the meeting adjourned at 4:50.  The Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees will meet on January 8, 2009 at 4:00.


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Thomas E. Griffith, Chair                                                       Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                                        Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

December 11, 2008                                                                December 11, 2008
















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