The Ohio State University at Lima


February 8, 2007




In Dr. Amin's absence, Mrs. Knight called the meeting to order at 4:30 with the following members present: Mr. Griffith, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Hadley, Mr. Reinhart, and Mr. Young.  Dr. Amin and Messrs. Deters and Unverferth were absent.  Appointed members Dr. Ackerman, Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Doute were present.  Dr. Snyder, Dean and Director, and Dr. Rockhold, Secretary, attended in their official capacity.  Several faculty and staff members attended.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES.  Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion that the minutes of the January 11, 2007 meeting be approved as previously submitted.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION.  Mr. Phelps reported revenue of $4,684,332 and a total encumbered and expended funds of $6,297,678.  He noted that tuition from Winter Quarter, 2007, has not yet been recognized and that the budget is running according to plan.  The newly approved minimum wage increase will increase costs for student wages approximately $60,000.


Mr. Phelps also reported that the University surcharge has been increased by 0.05% to offset charges incurred in the new student information system.  He explained that the overall budget analysis at this time showed that it is running on a comparable rate as in 2006.


Mr. Hadley moved and Mr. Griffith seconded the motion that the financial report be approved.  The motion was unanimously approved.


ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT.  Dr. Snyder reported that preliminary admissions data indicates an increase of 6.3% over 2006. 


TRUSTEE COMMITTEE REPORTS.  The following committees were scheduled to report.


            Finance.  No report


            Academic Affairs and Student Life.   Dr. Cunningham and Mr. Upshaw presented an oral report and accompanied it with several written exhibits.


            Dr. Cunningham.  His section of the report dealt with many changes that have evolved in the academic program at Ohio State Lima.

·         Ten (10) areas of concentration have been developed in Associate of Arts programs.  Some of them are built on minor areas of study that are in place at Ohio State Lima.

·         The University has recently mounted a Career and Technical Education degree that is also available on the regional campus.  Designed for teachers in these specialized fields, Ohio State Lima delivers many of the General Education Courses of the curriculum.

·         The concurrent enrollment program initiated between Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College continues.  Its provisions allow students to enroll at the other institution.   The offering institution collects the state subsidy for the enrollment. 

·         Ohio State Lima has developed a synergy with Rhodes State College  to offer continuation programs for their graduates in the nursing and dental technology programs.  Having followed the curriculum, graduates are able to complete all the course work for their baccalaureate program on the local campus.  Plans are underway to build continuation programs in technical education, family resource management, and health management.

·         Ohio State Lima continues to develop accurate data on the numbers of students in specific academic majors at Ohio State Lima.  Consistently accurate data is difficult to determine due to coding issues.

·         The Buck ID is available on the Columbus campus and can be used at regional campuses.  A process can be built to involve local merchants as vendors.


Mr. Upshaw.  His section of the report dealt primarily with aspects of student services at Ohio State Lima.

·         Amy Livchak reported that the WOW (What’s on Wednesday) program has been quite successful in involving students.  She described several unique program and reported that planning is underway for May Week.

·         Upshaw reported that a Retention Committee has been formed to promote student retention after their initial enrollment.  Built on the principle that academic relationships between faculty and students is critical to retention, the faculty/staff/student committee is designing methods to build strong communication channels to engage students through advising and in their courses.

·         Positive Lifestyles has been formed to promote better understanding of diversity and communications between the Lima City Schools students and responsible community leadership.  Ohio State Lima assists with the organization and provides leadership to the program.

·         Ohio State Lima continues for coordinate with the Lima Family YMCA and Black Achievers.  A March 2 event is being planned.


DEPARTMENTAL REPORT.  Ed Valentine, Associate Professor of Art, presented a visual and verbal report of the art program at Ohio State Lima. 

·         Valentine explained that while his academic appointment is to the Lima campus, he also teaches and advises students on the Columbus campus.  He stressed that this arrangement made him more able to bring continuity to the discipline and better advise students.

·         The art curriculum consists of five (5) different courses and an ability for selected students to complete independent study course work.  Valentine is also designing a course that will teach students how to build a portfolio of their work.  The art department stresses painting, drawing, and writing.

·         Students are not able to complete an art minor at Ohio State Lima because of a lack of facilities and the necessity to hire additional faculty.  Valentine felt that an art minor would be an asset and additional art courses would be well subscribed.


Dr. Amin entered the meeting at 5:31 and asked Mrs. Knight to continue in her role as chair.


DEAN AND DIRECTOR REPORT.  Dr. Snyder reported on the following matters:


            Student Life Center.  Meetings and plans for siting and building the Student Life Center continue.  Dr. Snyder expects that more information on collaborations with partners will be available by April.


            Joint Meeting of Leadership.  Dr. Snyder explained that he and President McCurdy have decided to recommend that joint meetings of selected members of both boards of trustees meet to determine how communications and resolution of issues can be improved.   Each is recommending that three (3) members of each board as well as the executive leader meet to develop an agenda of how the two institutions can plan and communicate effectively with one another.  No meeting date has been set.


Following a brief discussion, Trustees indicated that this appeared to be an excellent plan.  Dr. Snyder asked for volunteers to join this group.  He will follow up with members to set dates and agendas.


            Timing of meetings.  Noting that meetings often last longer than the expected ninety (90) minutes, Dr. Snyder queried the Trustees as to their opinion of starting Board of Trustee meetings at 4:00.  There was agreement that this change should occur with the March 8 meeting.  Board committee meetings will be held at 2:30, prior to the full board meeting.


            Tuition increase consideration.  The University is in the beginning of forming a new budget and is considering a tuition increase of six (6%) percent for the 2007-08 school year.  Dr. Snyder explained that he and his regional campus colleagues have begun discussions to consider tuition issues and ultimately develop a recommendation for an upcoming meeting.   Tuition increase issues will be a topic at the next Trustee meeting.


            Student Trustee.  Geoff Doute’ reported that he has been elected to the Council on Student Affairs and will represent Ohio State Lima as well as University wide student interest. This group meets monthly.






Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Griffith seconded the motion that the previous resolution to authorize Embarq be rescinded at their request and that the Dean and Director recommend that a revised request for an easement be extended to Embarq for telephonic service equipment.  The motion was unanimously approved.




Mr. Young moved and Mr. Reinhart seconded the motion that the Board of Trustees adjourn to executive session.  The motion was unanimously approved.  Mrs. Knight declared the Board of Trustees in executive session at 5:58.


Mrs. Knight left the meeting at 6:20.  Dr. Amin assumed the role of chair.


Mr. Young moved and Mr. Griffith seconded the motion that the Board of Trustees reconvene the meeting into regular session.  The vote was unanimous.  Dr. Amin declared the meeting in regular session at 6:40.




ADJOURNMENT.  Mr. Hadley moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The vote was unanimous and Dr. Amin declared the meeting adjourned at 6:41.  The Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees will meet again on March 8, 2007 at 4:00.


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Shama Amin, MD                                        Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees          Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

February 8, 2007                                          February 8, 2007