The Ohio State University at Lima


February 12, 2009


Mr. Griffith called the meeting to order at 4:00 with the following members present: Mr. Griffith, Mr. Hadley, Dr. Hubbell, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Reinhart, Mrs. Schulte, Mr. Unverferth, and Mr. Young.  Mr. Deters was absent.  Appointed members present were Dr. Ackerman and Ms. Gonzalez.  Mr. Brooks was absent.  Dr. Snyder and Dr. Rockhold attended in their official capacity. Several faculty and staff members attended.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Mr. Young moved and Mrs. Knight seconded the motion that the reading of the January 8, 2009 minutes be waived and that they be approved as previously distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION:  Mr. Phelps presented a written and verbal report of the financial condition through January 2009.  He showed receipts of $6,545,922 or 47.4% of anticipated revenue and expenditures to date of $7,097,928 or 51.5%.  Many expenses are normally incurred early in the academic year, but the budget/expenditure

Plan is consistent with previous years’ performance.   He noted that tuition from Winter Quarter has yet to be recognized; thus, there should be little concern at this time for the current negative balance. Most of the variances are due to timing issues.


Mr. Phelps also noted that he is coordinating with Dr. Snyder  to reduce expenses by evaluating the need to add/replace faculty and staff members.  All faculty searches are continuing with the exception of the Mathematics Department.  Searches for most staff positions have been suspended until a clearer understanding of the University’s financial position is determined.   Other restrictions are being imposed on staff travel and certain food expenditures.  Mr. Phelps felt that Ohio State Lima may ultimately anticipate a three (3) to five (5) percent reduction in State of Ohio revenue.


Mr. Hadley moved and Mr. Unverferth seconded the motion that the statement of financial condition be accepted.  The motion was unanimously approved.


TRUSTEE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Dr. Hubbell explained that the Academic Affairs and Student Life committee had met and concentrated on several items of interest.  Among them were the following:

·         The committee felt that it does not have a defined purpose.  Its current meeting agenda provided for a discussion of amendments to the Student Trustee Nomination and Selection Committee and beginning discussions of how Ohio State Lima plans to implement the Strategic Plan currently under review.  A motion to approve the committee recommendation was included under New Business.

·         A Pep Band has been formed to perform at various athletic events and student related functions.  Directed by Rich Sherrick, the band will provide academic credit and will perform during Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters.

·         Ohio State Lima has coordinated with the Lima Family YMCA to offer late afternoon aerobics classes on campus.

·         Both the METRO and Longmeadow housing units have begun programming for student activities and are building relationships with one another.  Ohio State Lima staff members attempt to stay informed of the programs under discussion and as they are implemented.

·         The Multi Cultural Affairs Office continues to provide many opportunities for students to be sensitive to the various issues of diversity on campus through programs and student interaction.

·         The committee began a discussion of how Ohio State Lima and its faculty and staff are involved in community functions as outreach activities. 


DEPARTMENTAL REPORT:  Sara Burbick, Assistant Director of Admissions, provided an updated report on the Department of Admissions:

·         Winter Quarter enrollment is 1332, higher than last year’s 1294.

·         The enrollment process has slowed due to some Columbus based computer/software issues.  To date, 170 first choice students have been admitted.  The names of students listing Ohio State Lima as their alternate choice have not been released by the Columbus based department, so follow up from Ohio State Lima has not yet occurred.  The schedule is behind that of previous years.

·         The “spring push” is underway with Ohio State Lima admissions specialists making school visits.  Direct mail pieces will also be sent to students’ homes.

·         Financial aid award letters will be sent in April.

·         Student/parent receptions are being planned along the I 75 corridor to explain the opportunities at Ohio State Lima to students who have expressed an interest in the University.


STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT:  Ms. Gonzalez reported on activities and issues relating to students.  She explained that the newly remodeled cafeteria has been well received by students as a gathering place for study, group meetings, and relaxation.  An Open House was held in late January.  It was well attended and well received.


She also explained that she and Amy Livchak, Coordinator of Student Activities, are discussing and plan to organize a student senate leadership luncheon.  Attendees at the luncheon will be students in leadership positions throughout the University.  No dates have been set.


DEAN AND DIRECTORS REPORT:  Dr. Snyder reported on several matters of interest:

·         Dr. Barbara Danley, Vice Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, met with Dr. Snyder, Dr. Mike Sherman, Dr. McCurdy, and Randy McCullough to begin discussions of how Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College could better relate with one another.  Dr. Snyder indicated that Dr. Danley had studied the material available to her and was conversant with the issues between the two institutions.  She has promised to provide feedback, but none has been forthcoming at this time.

·         Dr. Snyder explained that Dr. Danley has asked of the advisability of organizing a joint retreat of both boards and their leadership.  Trustees acknowledged that previous meetings, primarily social in nature, had created a positive feeling among members.  Absent an agreed set of goals and outputs and agenda, the Trustees felt that more information should be forthcoming from Dr. Danley before Ohio State Lima engages in such a meeting.   The sense of the Board was that the value of such a meeting would be directly related to the skill of the mediator in working through an outcome based agenda.  Some members expressed thoughts that a meeting(s) of this nature should be coordinated and facilitated by the Ohio Board of Regents.  Dr. Snyder has not heard from Dr. Danley or Dr. McCurdy to learn how the Rhodes State College Board of Trustees received and reacted to this suggestion.

·         The Provost has issued a Memo asking all Ohio State University operating units to prepare a plan to constrain expenses by reducing personnel by five (5) percent and food and travel by ten (10) percent.  Dr. Snyder and Mr. Phelps continue to work with faculty and staff to meet this objective. 

·         Governor Strickland’s budget plan calls no tuition increase for the upcoming biennium.  Both the State of Ohio budget and the federal economic stimulus plan are currently under development; thus, no final revenue data is available from either source.

·         The March 12 Board of Trustees meeting will be held on campus at the regular time.

·         No date has yet been set for the Spring meeting of the Ohio State Lima Advocates.  Dr. Snyder encouraged Trustees to nominate worthy persons for the Ohio State Lima Hall of Fame.




NEW BUSINESS:  The following matter was considered.


Based upon the recommendation of the Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee, Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Hadley seconded the motion that the Student Trustee Nomination and Selection Procedure be approved, a copy of which should be attached to this set of minutes and an official copy maintained in the Office of the Dean and Director.  The motion was unanimously approved.


ITEMS PRESENTED BY TRUSTEES FOR CONSIDERATION AT A LATER MEETING:  Dr. Hubbell raised the question of the continued funding of the Agriculture Building by the Ohio State University Extension Service and the Allen County Board of Commissioners.  Dr. Snyder explained that the Commissioners have eliminated funding and that Extension matches the amount paid by the Commissioners.  The net effect is that all funding will likely be eliminated.  He has not received official notice from either funding source. 


It is clear, however, that Ohio State Lima is the sole owner of the building.  It is not part of the Cost Share Agreement.  Some of the Extension faculty members currently teach courses at Ohio State Lima.  The University requested and Ohio State Lima agreed to reduce the rent and utilities temporarily until further information is available.


Ohio State Lima is currently evaluating which offices will continue to operate in the Agriculture Building and the facility’s long term use.  A plan to determine the facility’s best and most productive use will be considered as final budget information and space needs are made available.


ADJOURN:  Mr. Unverferth moved and Mrs. Schulte seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was unanimously approved and Mr. Griffith declared the meeting adjourned at 4:51.  The Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees will meet again on March 12, 2009.



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Thomas E. Griffith, Chair                                                       Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                                        Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

February 12, 2009                                                                  February 12, 2009


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