The Ohio State University at Lima


January 8, 2009




Mr. Griffith called the meeting to order at 4:00 with the following members present:  Mr. Deters, Mr. Griffith, Dr. Hubbell, Mr. Reinhart, and Mr. Young.  Mr. Hadley, Mrs. Knight, Mrs., Schulte, and Mr. Unverferth were absent.  Appointed members Dr. Ackerman and Ms. Gonzalez were present, but Mr. Brooks was absent.  Several staff members attended.  Dr. Snyder and Dr. Rockhold attended in their official capacity.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES.  Dr. Hubbell moved and Mr. Reinhart seconded the motion that the reading of the December 11, 2008 minutes be waived and that they be approved as previously circulated.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION.  Dr. Snyder explained that the Business Office was unable to access the December 31, 2008 financial report due to processing delays.  He provided an oral report and noted that Ohio State Lima is currently evaluating its FY appropriations in light of the projected State of Ohio budgetary shortfall.  He explained that overall personnel budgets would be reduced by five (5%) percent and that non-personnel budgets would be reduced by ten (10%) percent.  A hiring freeze will not be imposed, allowing three academic searches to continue to replace current faculty openings.  A planned search in mathematics may be suspended.  Non personnel reductions will be accomplished by not moving forward with some plans for equipment and building improvement projects and curtailing certain travel funds.


Dr. Snyder explained that quarterly reporting would occur in March and June, 2009.  Other actions and reporting may occur as the revenue and enrollment issues unfold in FY10, depending on revenue and enrollment estimates.




DEPARTMENTAL REPORT.  Jim Miller and members of the Office of Advising staff presented an informational session on the role of advising at Ohio State Lima.  Mr. Miller began by explaining that the role of advisors at Ohio State Lima differed from Ohio State Columbus.  Columbus based advisors tend to be specialists in specific fields while Lima based advisors tend to have broader responsibilities by advising students from broader curriculum areas.  He introduced each academic advisor who in turn presented a short but informative explanation of her curriculum area expertise and the special services each provides.


Mr. Miller then addressed several issues:

·         Undecided majors are the largest group of enrollees.  Advising efforts are made to have them evaluate core areas of interest and identify at least a tentative major area of study as soon as practicable.  If no major is selected by the time a student has earned 90 quarter hours, he/she is referred to Career Services for more intense decision making on a major.

·         Each academic advisor teaches at least one USAS course, but a plan is being developed for AY09-10 that will cause USAS courses to be delivered by a single staff member.  Other advisors will support these courses as necessary.

·         Mr. Miller shared the number of enrollees in each academic major and in each advising area.  This data is compiled quarterly to determine the projected number of sections needed to schedule certain courses and to measure curricular/academic program changes that may need to be considered.


A lively discussion evolved between Trustees and members of the Office of Advising on a number of procedural and process questions.


Mr. Deters raised the question of the academic preparation recommended for advisors.  Several advisors responded that graduate work in guidance and/or higher education student personnel was helpful.  In all cases, advisors take additional training annually in Columbus in their expertise areas.


Mr. Young asked what relationships were established between the Office of Advising and high school counselors.  The advisors explained that primary relationships were established by the Office of Admissions, but that academic advisors supported this effort for specific queries when academic advising issues were raised.


Several advisors, led by Mrs. Lamb, discussed the importance of the annual Career Day in which nearly 2,000 high school students participate on the Ohio State Lima campus.  Students have the opportunity to learn about three selected careers from persons actually involved experientially or academically.


STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT.  Ms. Gonzalez reported that the remodeling of the cafeteria is complete and that it has become a well used asset by students for study, relaxation, and group activity.  She explained that an Open House and dedication is being planned, but no date or time has yet been set.


DEAN AND DIRECTOR’S REPORT.   Dr. Snyder reported on a number of matters:


·         Dr. Barbara Danley, Vice Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, will meet with Dr. Snyder and Dr. McCurdy on January 14 in an attempt to resolve some operational areas where the board to board conversations were unable to reach agreement.  Dr. Snyder explained that the original plan was to have two committees meet to deal with these issues, but the plan has been amended to postpone and potentially abandon the team chartering committee depending on progress made with this and subsequent meetings.

·         The plans for the Student Life and Community Center have been forwarded to University Architect’s Office for  cost estimates.  No date for completion of this phase has yet been established. 

·         Ohio State Lima has undergone, completed, and forwarded strategic planning processes to guide the local campus for the next five academic years.  Based on goals set by President Gee, the Ohio Board of Regents, the Academic Plan, and the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees, the plan was requested by central administration as part of the University’s long range planning process.  Copies of the submitted plan were reviewed by the Trustees and are on file in the Office of the Dean and Director.  Dr. Snyder explained that the submitted plan was very aggressive, but attainable.


Ms. Gonzalez left the meeting at 5:21.


·         Dr. Snyder, on behalf of the members of the board to board conversations, presented a working draft of a proposal for a revised cost share between Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College.  He has also provided a copy to Dr. McCurdy, President of Rhodes State College, for her review.  He explained that the current cost share, approved in 1991, has not been followed and as a result it is difficult if not impossible to complete financial audits.  The Office of Academic Affairs has suggested that the Ohio State University Controller’s Office detail spending during 2008-09 so benchmarking can be accomplished and an audit prepared.  Dr. Snyder explained that agreements were reached in the board to board conversations that have been built into the current proposal:

o   Several areas of expenditure have been changed from a head count basis to a five year rolling average of FTE.  Such a change based on full time enrollment data provides a more equitable distribution of resources.

o   Space in each building has now been categorized by use and function by both institutions.  No resolution has yet been reached on the classroom use debate.

o    Public utilities are now separately metered.  This improvement will allow costs to be borne by the specific user.  Dr. Snyder noted that Ohio State Lima currently pays a share (30%) for utilities for Keese and Countryman Halls, but has no access to either facility.  The installation of the separate meters can resolve this matter and spread costs more equitably, based on space and use data.   

·         Dr. Snyder reported that the March 12 meeting of the Ohio State University Board of Trustees may be moved to the Shawnee Country Club.  The Office of Development hopes to have the Student Life and Community Center feasibility study data completed for presentation and discussion.  A decision on meeting location will be made in the February meeting.


 OLD BUSINESS.                None


NEW BUSINESS.                None




ADJOURN.  Mr. Young moved and Mr. Deters seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The board voted unanimously to approve the motion and Mr. Griffith declared the meeting adjourned at 5:42.  The Ohio State Board of Trustees will meet again on February 12, 2009.




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Thomas E. Griffith, Chair                                                               Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                                           Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

January 8, 2009                                                                                 January 8, 2009


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